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PhotoHunt - BIRDS

I'm bending the rules just a bit for today's PhotoHunt by posting a short YouTube clip.

It seems I don't take a lot of bird photos when we travel. But, this video is of some seabirds battling the wind, in their valiant efforts to land on their cliffside nests.

The wind was so strong, I had to lie down on my stomach and prop my elbows on the ground in order to keep the camera still.

It is taken at the Old Man of Hoy on the island of Hoy in the Orkneys. The Orkneys are located off the northern coast of the Scottish mainland.

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Great video - I love the sound of the wind. Those birds do struggle so much against it. You wonder if they can make it back to the nest.

Thanks for sharing this great video.

Well, that made me cold! Poor little birds!

Those poor birds! I wonder if it is always that windy. If so, they need to find a new home. The wind must take so much out of them trying to land.

Loved the video! I wasn't so much concerned about the birds as I was about you. You were very close to the edge of the cliff! I'm afraid of heights so this made my heart beat a bit faster.

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