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Candlemaker Row Apartment

Three weeks flew by. We could have spent all three weeks in any one of the three locations we'd chosen and still it would not have been enough. But, we find ourselves turning our car in at the Edinburgh airport and taking a cab to our apartment at Candlemaker Row, 48.


We were fortunate to have chosen another comfortable apartment in a perfect location. This one had lots of quirky personality both inside and out!

Inside is an almost over-furnished but very homey three room plus bath apartment. The livingroom/dining room had plenty of light and soft overstuffed furniture. Cozy.


The bedroom was a bit fussy for my taste, but the bed was comfortable and the drapes blocked out the light. So, that's perfect where it counts.


The kitchen was fully equipped. It even had a countertop freezer in addition to the half-sized refrigerator. And it had deliciously sharp knives. Pay close attention to the geraniums in the kitchen window. You'll see them again in the last picture.


Now we turn our attention to our neighbors. Those in front of us were an ecclectic mix of small businesses in a funky neighborhood. They included a comic book store, a storefront legal aide lawyer, a tatoo parlor, and a trendy up-and-coming fashion designer. There was also an Italian restaurant that had its door standing open with people coming and going all the time, yet it never seemed to have any real dining patrons.



The neighbors behind us were another story entirely.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Deborah, your apartment in Edinburgh looks really great. The neighborhood looks very charming. I liked my apartment too which was in the New Town on Dublin street.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day today.

So your kitchen window looked into an old cemetery!? Did you know that before renting the apartment? Or was it just pure luck, knowing how much you enjoy visiting cemeteries while traveling.

Deborah responds:
We knew in advance, Maria. The apartment website actually plays up the fact that it looks out on Greyfriers. Mainly because the cemetery is famous for the burial ground of the dog, Greyfriers Bobby.

Beautiful apartment!


LOL, well those would be quiet neighbors!

Love the name of the street! Looks like a nice place to spend a few days.

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