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From Quiet Dinner to Huge Celebration

Last week --

Me to Dan: "Let's have T & C(1) up for dinner to celebrate T's birthday.

Dan to Me: Call K & D. We'll make it the six of us."

Me calling T & C(1): "Nice quiet dinner, just the six of us. It will be fun and relaxing."

T & C: "Great, we'll bring dessert."

Me calling K & D: "We're having dinner at our house for T's birthday. Can you two come?"

K & D: "Sure, sounds like fun. But, did you know that B & S are going to be in town that weekend? They're coming to visit S's mother in the nursing home."

Me: "Wow, no I didn't. Guess I'd better call and make sure they come too."

Me to Dan: "Looks like B & S are going to be in town to visit S's mom in the nursing home. I'm going to call and see if they can come."

Me calling B & S: "K told us you are going to be in town on Tom's birthday weekend. We're having birthday dinner here. Can you join us?"

B & S: "That would be great. The whole family is coming. We are trying to figure out now what we are going to do about sleeping arrangements. It's a long way to drive down to K & Ds"

Me: "We can sleep up to six in beds, and another four on couches. You'd be welcome here."

Me to Dan: Well, it isn't just B & S. It's B, S, three kids and their families."

Dan to Me: "I'll call C(2). Maybe he will have J that weekend and the two of them can come to."

Fast forward to a few days ago --

Email from C(3) & D(2): "I hear there's going to be a family gathering at your house for T's birthday. We've got a long weekend and are thinking of coming to town."

Email from Me to C(3) & D(2): "Great! It will be fun. Everyone will be here by mid-afternoon."

So, our nice quiet little birthday dinner for six, where I was going to fix goat stew, has now morphed into a family gathering of more than 30 people.

Our house will be rocking, with family we only get to see a couple of times a year. VERY COOL!

Oh, yeah. No cooking....I'm ordering pizza.

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Sounds like a fun time. Glad you are not freaked with the change from 6 to 30. Pizza sounds like a great plan.

Brad'll Do It:

Sausage and extra cheese, please, and sauce on only one half of the pizza... we may stop by... oh, no, we have to go to Fabio Viviani's new restaurant here. I'm glad you're taking the easy way with the food. Enjoy: food, fun, and family!


Talk about plans changing . . .

Sounds like a fun family GTG.

Have a great time!

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