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Introducing -- EITHER/OR

For as long as anyone is interested and it doesn't feel like work, I'm going to have some fun with a few of the more meaningless issues of our day.

Issues that, even though they aren't important, people all tend to have strong and dearly held opinions on. Issues that make us emphatically bang our fists on a table. Issues we don't dither about.

In other words, it's EITHER%20OR.jpg. There's no middle ground.

We'll stay away from topics that really matter. We'll debate only the inconsequential, the insignificant, the things that we can discuss fervently, yet still go away friends.

I'm not going to commit to doing this on a regular basis - mainly because I don't want to to start feeling like a chore. But, every once in a while, when a cosmic question pops into my head, I'll post an EITHER/OR question.

Here is our first topic:

Why do people put their toilet paper on the roller backwards?

I've never understood how they could possibly think their way is acceptable.

Every rational, intelligent human being knows that there is only ONE way to put toilet paper on the roller.

So, my question to you, my dear friends is....

Should your toilet paper roll have the sheets coming off from the top? Or should they roll out from the bottom? It isn't a hard question. But, there is only one right answer.

EITHER it's top -- OR it's bottom. Leave me a comment with a link to your blog entry answering this important question. And please copy and paste the yellow link button above into your blog so your readers can also come tell me what they think.

Oh, I almost forgot. The only way to put toilet paper on the roll is, OF COURSE...


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Don't have a blog to link to...
However, I would agree with Deborah on this one. Roll over the top to the front, absolutely! To support my position I would have to say the manufacturers would agree, they quilt the pattern neatly on only one side. In order for that side to show the paper must roll from the top to the front. ROLLING FROM THE BACK IS WRONG **fist pounding on table** :)

Deborah: I'm not adding to your blog entry (in our household you would have one agreeing and one dissenting)! But, I wanted to thank you for your entry/answer to my question on the Slow travel board about driving or not in Italy. I was thrilled to hear your comment about Paciano. Although I have not been there, my best friend visits often. Many thanks!


Too funny,Deb. I truly don't care.According to my husband, the sheets must come off from the bottom!

Deborah responds: Sheri, how could you not care!?!?!
Everyone cares about this!! :grin: BTW, Your husb and is misguided.

Good Gawd Yes...It has to be the way you show it. This is a constant battle with me and my wife (she just doesn't understand how important it is.....)

Although, my wife says that she does it intentionally to 1) bug me and 2) keep our child from spinning it off since he always spins downward and with it backwards all it does is flop over and over

i still don't accept her answer ;-)

I do believe there is a third choice and it's 'either'. We have three bathrooms - in one the TP is rolling from the top, in another it is rolling from the bottom, and in the third the roll is empty because Dante has pulle dit all off and is sitting in the dining room shredding it to bits.

Apparently we just put the roll on any old way because we know it will only be a matter of time before Dante has yanked it all off as a cat toy.

Deborah responds: Take a stand, Jerry! However, I am impressed that Dante has his own bathroom.

Perhaps it is the canadian in me deborah! LOL

I vote for the over-the-top method. It seems more civilized.

I always rolled it from the bottom. Brad has converted me to from the top. Old habits die hard. In my guest bathroom, I put it one MY way, as Brad never goes in there, and it is closest to the kitchen.

Over the top is the ONLY WAY :)

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