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Photohunt - LICK

St. Louis is fortunate to have an abundance of parks. One just a few miles from our house -- Lone Elk Park --is our grandsons' favorite places to go. Especially in the winter when the trees are bare and they can see the animals clearly.

Yesterday we decided to take a drive over to the park. I took along my camera thinking that I might see some elk gathered around one of the saltlicks. Perfect photo idea for today's PhotoHunt challenge. Right?

The elk weren't at the salt lick, but at the bison jam, this big guy was enjoying the salt that was left on the road after a recent de-icing. So I got my photo, anyway.


Here's a few other pictures from the day. This mama elk was checking us out to make sure we stayed in the car and out of her way.


And her baby ran across the road in front of us to catch up with her.


There is always a 'bison jam' and yesterday was no exception.


No one is in a hurry to get out of the way of the autos. Good thing no one in the cars is in a hurry either.


The leader of the herd is a hugh guy with an enormous shoulder hump. And, you can see how proud he is of it. He doesn't mind all the paparazzi in the least.


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Wow, what a perfect photo for this week's theme! I've never seen a bison in person before, and I've never seen them licking the road either until now. Great shots!

If you aren't the lead bison the view never changes.
Great Photohunt!

Bull Rhino:

Great grab and congrats on the good luck.

Have a great 2010.


Wonderful! It reminds me a bit of Yellowstone . . .

Is a buffalo jam a traffic jam of buffalo?

Great lick photo.

Excellent choice. It looks like a fun place to go especially in the winter where you can see the animals. I love the view from the rear. It really shows their unusual shape.

Wonderful shots, Deborah.

LOL - great shots!

All the bets in 2010! Perhaps this is the year you'll make it to Toronto.

I had to laugh because as I was reading your first few lines talking about elk, I was thinking to myself that the photo really looked like a bison to me. I was starting to worry that I was losing it when I read that a bison was at the salt lick instead. Great photos and very cool park. It would be one of my favorites also.

Oh and the flavors were pistacchio and nocciola. I added the info to my blog post. Good guess on the pistacchio.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Deborah, these are great photos! I love all the animals photos and the baby elk, so cute. My blog roll hasn't been updating on my blog and it is throwing me off. I can see that I missed some of your recent posts and I am really enjoying catching up on what I have missed.

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