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The Sunset Tradition

A few weeks ago we made our all too short, annual winter Estero Bay getaway to visit my brother and sister-in-law. The weather wasn't Florida perfect, but it was better than the snow back in Missouri.


We don't do much on these visits. No sightseeing. No frantic rushing around. Mostly we take turns cooking for each other, discover new restaurants, and visit old favorites. Sunset is the one sacred thing that the rest of the day's activities are planned to accomodate. We're alway on the lanai, drinks and appetizers ready in time for sunset.


What is it about sunset over an expanse of water? Why does it continue to be the best show on earth? You can actually feel your blood pressure sink along with the sun. Your mind relaxes. The sun moves slowly toward the horizon. Then dissappears so quickly. Watching for the green flash, you try not to blink. You discuss the distant odds that it will appear. It doesn't.

You can watch the sun set over a body of water many days in a row and it will be different every time. The colors change with the cloud formations, air temperature & moisture content. Even recent boat activity stiring up the water will cause reflective color changes.




I think the reason we are so continually facinated with sunsets is simple. I think they remind us on a personal level how it feels to be at peace. And maybe if we're thinking about it, it also gives us hope that Peace is still possible.

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Brad'll Do It:

Perhaps it reminds us that the day is over, and it's time for rest... you're getting sleepy, very sleepy....

Beautiful photos! I am also always so mesmerized by sunsets. You may have something there about the thought of peace.

Gorgeous shots - no wonder you enjoy it there so much.

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