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Ancestry - Who Do You Think You Are?

Periodically, I do a little work on my family tree. It's not easy. My maiden name after all is Johnson.

I've only been able to trace the Johnson side of my father's family back to my great, great grandfather. My father's mother's family - thanks to some unusual given names - was a bit easier. So far, I've made it to the year 1501 and my 13th great grandfather, John Jennens born in Birmingham, England.

SO, when NBC announce the new television show "Who Do You Think You Are?" to follow the family tree of a different celebrity in each episode, I thought, this is my kind of reality show!

I watched last night. The opening scenes of the show were snippets from all seven episodes. And a shot of Brunelleschi's Dome was part of it.

Last nights celebrity was Sarah Jessica Parker. At first I was having trouble connecting to a story about a celebrity's (any celebrity's) family tree. But then Sarah finds out that an ancestor was one of the accused in the Salem witchcraft hysteria.

I plan to make this new show a regular watch. Can't wait to see who has an ancestral connection to Firenze!

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I also enjoyed watching this show last night, very interesting indeed.

One thing though annoyed me ,what's with the little video with the song at the end? They really don't need to take a dramatic turn for this show.


I too watched this show. I wish I could have those same resources to explore my family's history. I do have a rare spelling of my grandmother's maiden name. I am also looking forward to future episodes.


Shoot, I meant to watch this last night and forgot!


We watched the show as well, like one of the other posters, I would love to be able to trace my history...

So far, a great show!

I wonder if we are descend from a witch? Or is it only beautiful women like SJP?

Deborah response: Angie, I'm not decended from one. But I do have a close relative who is a practicing wiccan.

I've also tried to do a little bit of research. My mother had an unusual maiden name and spelling. I've been able to track it back to Indiana in the early 1800's but not much further.

My husband's uncle has done some tracing of their family. I think he found links back to Geronimo's tribe.

Deborah responds: That's very cool, Marta. We have Cherokee on both sides of our family. My dad used to talk about remembering his grandmother walking around with a clay pot on her head and a big long braid hanging down her back.

I watched it and had mixed feelings as someone who has done a ton of genealogy research. I thought it was an interesting show but unless you are famous or have a lot of money, it is not that easy and quick to trace your family roots back that far so easily.

I have done a lot of genealogy research. I would love to have the guy at the New England Historic Genealogical Society take on my search. I have traced my dad's paternal side back through about 100 years on Martha's Vineyard and then all the way back to the 1660's in Rhode Island but am stuck there.

On a more successful search, I have traced my mom's paternal side back to their two villages in Italy.

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