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And Interview with Marcella Hazan

Those of you who know that we've put together a cooking group to cook our way through Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan, also know the catalyst was the decision of my Foodies Book Group at Barnes & Noble to read Marcella's autobiography "Amacord, Marcella Remembers".

Perhaps you would like to learn about this amazing lady. The Google Interview is a full hour long. But, I can promise you it is so worth your time. The highlights are when she talks about American supermarkets at about minute 25. Then her story about inviting Craig Claiborne for lunch without knowing who he was at about minute 30. Then at minute 37 she talks about Americans using too much garlic and undercook our vegetables. At minute 45 she talks about the reasons for obesity. Stick it out so you can enjoy the Q&A session, too. You'll get a lesson in olive oil. It appears Marcella and I have different tastes in olive oil. I love peppery, she does not. That tells me that I need to get a milder oil to follow her recipes authentically! OK, off to see if I can find some Puglian oil.

OK, just trust me. Carve out an hour of you day and watch.

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Susie L:

Hi Deborah,

I love your blog, but have never posted a comment before. But my husband and I think Marcella is a goddess!

We had the wonderful good fortune to take classes with Marcella and Victor at their home in Venice back in the '90s. 6 students max, for 6 full days. My husband took the class 3 times!

We affectionately call them "Uncle Vic and Aunt Marcy". I can just hear Marcella talk about not liking peppery olive oil.

There is not a day that goes by that we do not think of them both with absolute and utter fondness. They are the reason we have become addicted to Bologna!

I heard a lot about this cooking challenge while in San Diego and am looking forward to everyone's posts. I am going to have to come back another time when I have more time to watch this video.

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