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This picture sits on a bookshelf in my den. It was taken in 1909. I love it.

What must it have taken to get that many people together, dressed in their Sunday best, posing for a camera that requires no movement for an agonizing long time?


What I know about the photo is this -- It's of my father's mother's extended family. The first man on the left in the row of seated adults is my grandfather. Next to him is my grandmother. They are holding my father and his identical twin brother. I believe the one on my grandfather's lap is my father, but I can't be sure.

My great grandmother is the last seated women on the right. My great grandfather is the man with the mustache on the ground next to her. My great, great grandmother is the older woman seated next to my grandfather. My great, great grandfather is the man with the huge hat in the upper left.

Al of the others are brothers and sisters, of my grandmother; their spouses, and their children.

My efforts to find my father's father's family history goes only a couple of generations back. It is a bit frustrating, but with a last name like Johnson, I shouldn't be surprised.

I've been a little luckier with the family you see in the picture. Through my great grandmother's line, I've made it back to 1502 and Birmingham, England. My 13th great grandfather, John Jennens, was born in Birmingham and died there in 1575. He was buried in the St. Martin's Church Cemetery.

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Deborah, this is a fabulous photo! How cool that you know the identity of so many people in this photo. I love your great, great grandfather's outfit and his hat! Johnson is a tough name! Very cool that you have gone back to 1502 and England on your other side.

What a coincidence, I was just helping a friend make flight arrangements to
Birmingham today!

Fascinating photo, you are so lucky to have it.


WOW, I love that photo. I understand about your comment and wondering what it must have taken to get that big clan together and dressed in their finest.

I even have a hard time getting my small group together for anything. :)


What a fantastic photo -- it must have been a real undertaking to get so many people together in their Sunday best!

It's remarkable that you've been able to trace your family's roots back to the 16th century.


Wow, what a fantastic heirloom!! You are so lucky to have this precious photo. I can't imagine how they managed to keep everyone, including the little ones, still for such a beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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