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Four Separate Weeks / One Full Month

So, here's the set-up...

You have a crystal ball that tells you that you will never be able to travel again. This is the last year you will ever, for the rest of your life, have the opportunity to go on any kind of vacation.

You have four weeks of vacation time to use within the next 365 days. You have two choices and only two choices.

You can take all four weeks all at once, get on an airplane to a single destination, and 30 days later get back on an airplane to return home...never to travel again.

You can take four separate vacations of one week each. You will fly to your destination airport and return home from the same airport. These four weeks must not be consecutive. And, you can't go to the same place more than once.

What do you choose?

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I would choose option #1. I would of course go back to Italy and go to as many of my favorite places as will work in a one month trip (since there are no restrictions on train travel).

The main reason I would not choose #2 is because I hate to fly. Four flights to Italy in one year (because I would still want to spend a month there) sounds like a nightmare.


I choose option 2. It allows you to experience 4 different places, you can choose the best season to go there, you can check off 4 places from the bucket list, and perhaps choose different people to share the experience with. One consecutive month has limitations to one general region, ex; New Zealand AND Ireland is not possible. While staying a month in my favorite location is nice, I want options.


I tend to choose option #1. I'd have time to get used to the differing time zones, really get into the place I am visiting.

Plus like Girasoli, since I am not a big fan of flying, and can't afford the luxury of First Class, I will only have to endure the Coach flight one round trip a year... which is probably what I can afford on a teacher budget. LOL


Option 2 is the way to go for me. As of yet, I do not have a favorite place. Going to four different locations seems like more fun. It also give me more variety for "Remember the last year we traveled" stories.

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