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I Love You Trulli

Here's my new real estate acquisition in Italy.


Well, not really. It was vacant. It looked like it needed to be reclaimed and loved. But, as much as I think it would be a fun project, I knew it wouldn't be my project.

The trullo is a unique and interesting style that dates back to the neolithic era. Here is an interesting history. The website I found it on appears to be a real estate site. In fact, while browsing the site, I actually found a current listing for the very property pictured above. What are the odds? And it could be all ours for only Euro 80,000.

The town of Alberobello is unique. It is a UNESCO protected site, and at the same time is a vibrant little community where people live in and among their trulli.


Some of the trulli have been converted to restaurants, shops, and hotels.


And some are single family homes, just like they've always been.


We loved our visit to Alberobello. And, we'd like to return someday. But I think we'll be content to rent a trullo for a week.

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Barb Cabot:

So mystical and beautiful. Great photos.


I too love to browse Italian real estate and dream of buying something! I must post about "my" chapel in the Cilento area one of these days :)

For some reason, trullos creep my husband out. I think it's because of a travel show we saw where the female host was invited in for refreshment, and had a REALLY hard time extricating herself from the house (to the point where she was seeming a bit alarmed by this turn of events!) I think they are pretty cool myself though.

The trulli are truely cool. I don't know about living in one though. Were would the dishwasher go?

I have always wanted to visit Alberobello and see the trulli. Had to laugh about the dishwasher! I guess that could be a major problem :)

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