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Is Exotic Meat the Most Expensive?

Our apartment in Edinburgh was just one street away from the Grassmarket.

One day we strolled over to check it out. It isn't very big. Just a couple of dozen booths. Very eclectic booths, however.

There was a booth with nothing but spices.


Another dedicated to olives.


There were German sausages.


And Dutch pancakes.


The French were represented by their cheeses.


Evidently, the US didn't have any food worthy of importing. So we were represented as I've seen in many countries' market places. By our cheap fake Native American paraphernalia.


But the booth that intrigued me the most was the one for exotic meats. I find it interesting the the most expensive is not Kangaroo or Ostrich, or even Springbok. No, they were only £3 for a burger. But, it costs £3.50 for a nice Angus beef burger. I like that! It reinforces the concept of buying fresh and local, don't you think?


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Sometimes I wonder if you take these pictures with the intention of blogging about them. I would not have thought to take a picture of signs and stands at the market like you did.

Deborah responds: Well of COURSE I do!


I love Market Photos,Deb. Those Bailey Cream Pancakes are calling my name. I am missing the Irish Potatoes that I did NOT make for St.Paddy's Day.

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