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Would You Eat Here?

Our favorite restaurant experience in Lisbon was at Travessa da Espera 34, a two block walk from our apartment. As you approach the entry to Primavera do Jeronimo, this is what you see.


If you understand that graffiti doesn't mean this is an undesirable neighborhood, then you will enter and find this tiny, cozy dining room.


In a place of honor on the wall is a decades old photo of their favorite regular patron from days gone by. Do you recognize her? I was proud to tell the owner that we were from her home town of St. Louis, Missouri in the US. I don't think he was particularily impressed with my tenuous connection, however. Probably because he had no idea where St. Louis was.


We were seated, and because it was a warm evening, the door remained open. That allowed us to enjoy this view.


Even though it is hidden away from the tourists, who will rarely find their way there, the reason Primavera do Jeronimo is a favorite for the locals is obvious.




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Not sure about the neighborhood, but the food does look delicious, Isn't it amazing the places where you end up finding your best meals?

Is that Josephine Baker?

The restaurant looks right up our alley. The whole thing appeals to me, even the unappealing entry that keeps the place somewhat of a secret.


I would definitely eat there. One of the local spots in Halifax looked like a total dive but had such delicious food and friendly service. Alas, the owner's health declined and he closed down a year or so ago.

I probably wouldn't have if I did not hear that it was a good place to eat from the outside appearance. We have a few places like this in Hawaii. Whenever I take friends, they always look at me like I am crazy until we walk inside.

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