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Define a Song

I've noticed that people seem to fall into two distinct camps when it comes to how they relate and react to songs.

There are people like me, who are all about the words. And there are other people who are into the music.

So...what say you.

Is a song music with words?

OR is it...

a poem set to music?

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"Music with words" most of the time but not always. There are some songs where the lyrics rise above.

This is really hard for me to say one or the other. There are some singers like Joni Michell and kd Lang where the lyrics rule. I am drawn to the lyrics.

But there is also music that I love for the beat and I don't even know what the lyrics are. These typically attract me for the beat. It just depends upon my mood.

Late in commenting...

I think music is my number one motivator to hook me on a song, although like Marta said, there are some singers where the words are what makes the songs.

If I had to vote though, I would go with the music. If I don't like the music, I probably will not like the song even if the words are great.


Definitely have to say Music - it is the melody that grabs me.

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