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Day One - 2010 Festival of Nations

Had a great time with Jane at opening day for the Festival of Nations. We shopped at my favorite Ecuadorian clothing booth. I bought four more of the cotton shirts I dearly love. Went a little crazy this year and bought a red one! I usually stick to white.

The food booths have expanded and they can no longer accomodate all of them on food row, so they are in several additional locations. One of this year's new food offerings...


I took that picture for Jerry and Doug. :grin: Believe it or not, I didn't even ask them what Canadian 'speciality' they were offering. Any guesses?

I filled up on my two favorites: Eritrean and Haitian.


I had a full meal at the Eritrean booth. I just can't resist their spoungy flat bread called injera served with zigni (which is a kind of spicy beef stew), mixed veggies, and the best greens this side of Clarksdale, Mississippi!


The reason I love the Haitian booth is summed up with a single word - goat. Kabrit, (roasted goat meat) from the hands of a good Haitian cook is the most sublime thing you will ever taste.

We gave in to the heat before we saw everything we wanted to. With so much left, I'm seriously thinking of going back tomorrow.

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Canadian cuisine, eh?

Aside from Beavertails and something involving maple syrup or moose meat, I don't have a clue.

Any thoughts Jerry?

If you do go back you must try whatever it is they're serving up in the Canadian booth. We Canucks int he north are interested in what those ex-pats in the south serve up as Canadian food.

Deborah responds: OK, that seals it. Jerry and Doug have given me an assignment. Now I have to go back. Oh, darn!

Barb Cabot:

Deborah, some day i want to go to this event. Such a great annual way to experience food around the world. Looks like so much fun.

Deborah responds: Barb, consider yourselves invited! We have a guest room ready and waiting. It's in late August every year.


Hi Deborah,

First, I apologize if I'm posting this incorrectly. I've never been on a site like this.
I met you at the Festival of Nations event last month. You visited our booth - SPAE (Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education), and directed me to this site. I've followed your instructions and clicked on the 'Scotland 2009' link; I LOVE YOUR IMAGES! :)
I've truly enjoyed browing 'Scotland'. I thought you told me that you had pictures of various musical instruments posted from a unversity/museum collection. I haven't located these images. Could you help me with this? Also, may I contact you via email? I hope to hear from you soon - or perhaps I'll see you at the St. Louis Scottish Games (Forest Park, 10/1 and 10/2), I'll be volunteering with the Sound & Entertainment Committee (please stop by the Dwight Davis VIP tent, and look for the SPAE Booth).
Thank you, Becky

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