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Falling-away Blogger

If blogging is a religion, then I'm a falling-away blogger. Never mind daily -- I've stopped going to blog mass entirely. I don't seem to be able even to hit the high holy days any longer. Haven't posted since August 31st, 2010!

My excuse is the cooking project I'm involved in right now - Pomodori e Vino. But the truth is, I'm only responsible for one post a week, so it really isn't a valid excuse, is it?

I bet there are thousands of bloggers out there who, like me have let their blogs languish. And I bet that today there is a flurry of dormant blogs being dusted off with a New Year's resolution post just like this one.

I resolve to start posting again. Although, I'm making no promises that this will last any longer than a hungover frat boy's remorse.

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I am right there with you in blogger rehab. I want so much to be inspired to post on my blog.

Maybe over the weekend . . .

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