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I'm Proud of My Country

Wasn't yesterday amazing?!!!

Americans turned out in huge numbers. They politely, peacefully, and respectfully fullfilled their responsibility to this country.

Some voted their hearts. Some voted their indoctrinations. And some voted their pocketbooks.

But they voted. All across this beautiful land, for offices large and small. For issues that will shape our country's future forever. For issues that were important only to them and their neighbors.

I just finished watching some of President Obama's acceptance speech and some of Mitt Romney's concession speech. What gentleman they both are!

Now it is time to support our President and work together as a country to solve our big and our small problems.

Democrats, your work isn't finished. Your President doesn't belong just to you. He belongs to the entire country. He wants to do the best job he can. And he can do that job best if he is allowed to serve the entire country by governing from a rational middle ground.

Support him. Don't ask him to do things that hurt the country as a whole in order to make a partisan point.

Republicans, your guy lost. But he fought honorably. he lost the popular vote as well as the electorial vote. Take a lesson from this loss. It is in your very best interests to help our country continue to improve for everyone who calls it home. Don't join the dividers and obstructionists.

Encourage your representatives in Washington to reach out to President Obama to work together. Now that he no longer has to focus on securing his base he can stop running for office and focus on serving his country. What he deserves now is the chance to secure his legacy. Help him do that.

Help him become an Abraham Lincoln, a Teddy Roosevelt, or a Harry Truman.

Help him become the best Barack Obama he can.

We will all be better off.

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President Barack Obama secured his legacy with the the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act. He can olnly add to it in the next four years.

Colleen, don't forget the automakers. And now he has the opportunity to focus on putting people back to work. I think it could be a very good four years.

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