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Bill Clinton and I

Bill Clinton is 61 today. So am I. We were born on August 19, 1946 and it is about the only thing we have in common. I discovered our common birthday around the time he became President and I read all I could find out about him for several years. By far the best source was David Maraniss' First In His Class. Published in 1995 and based on research of events long before the difficulties of his second term, Maraniss provided background and insights into the intelligence, gifts and flaws of this most interesting person. Whenever the subject of Bill Clinton has arisen since, I've recommended the book.

I also plowed through My Life, but Maraniss has written the better book.

I consider Bill Clinton to be the transcendent political figure of our generation, a force for good in the world.

Happy birthday, Bill. I hope we can share many more together.

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Happy birthday Doug!

Thanks, Jerry. I don't feel a day older than 60.

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