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GetToGethers, Restaurants and Tours

Thanks to Slow Travel & the internet, we have several events planned for Rome, Paris and the Luberon. Yesterday, I heard back from the Borghese Gallery. We have reserved tickets for Sept. 6 - should fit in nicely with with the Scavi Tour on the 3rd and a 3-day Roma Pass.

Yesterday, I also made 3 restaurant reservations, one in Paris (Le Florimond) and two in the Luberon (L'Arome, and Maison Gouin). I tried to book chez Nenesse in Paris, but got an automated message - think they're away until Sept. 3. I'll try again from Rome. I must say that I enjoy making reservations by phone from here in Canada. I stumble around in French, but the obvious good nature of the people on the other end makes it worthwhile - and it often leads to a pleasant conversation when we arrive. "Ah, you're Doug du Canada!"

I am also looking forward to the FOUR GTGs that we will be taking part in. When I tell others that we are meeting people for lunch or dinner on our travels, they invariably think it's a great idea. It is, I assure them.

Roma bookings
3rd (Monday) 9:30am Scavi Tour – Excavations office – no backpacks – Holy Office Gate (through Colonnade to the left) – ask the Swiss Guard for the Excavations Office

4th (Tuesday) Pick up Roma Pass at Colosseum

6th (Thursday) 9:00-11:00am – Borghese Gallery. Pick up reserved tickets by 8:30am

5th (Wednesday) 1:00pm - at the restaurant Dar Pallaro, Largo del Pallaro, 15, Roma, Tel.: (39)(06)68801488

9th (Sunday) 1:00pm - Osteria del Pegno Vicolo di Montevecchio 8, Roma, – Lunch with Gavin Crawford

17th (Monday) 7:30pm - Domaine de Layaude Basse - St Jean 84480, Lacoste Tel.:

21st (Friday) 1:00pm - Maison Gouin - Coustellet (04 90 76 90 18) Lunch with Brenda (BC Brenda)

Restaurant reservations
13th (Thursday) 8:30pm – Le Florimond, Paris - 9, avenue de la Motte-Picquet (

15th (Saturday) 8:30pm - L’Arome, Bonnieux - 2 rue Lucien Blanc (04 90 75 88 62)

22nd (Saturday) 8:00pm - L’Auberge du Presbytere, Saignon (04 9074 1150)

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Have a great trip, Doug! BTW, Le Florimund is at 19 La Motte-Piquet, not 9 (you'd likely find it anyway, but I didn't want you staring at a phone store in confusion!) Enjoy.
Oh, and tell Gavin I expect him to get his tush to Boston one of these days.

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