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Porch repairs

I haven't been blogging about our travel plans for the past several days because I've been busy with a long list of must-do's before we leave on Friday. The activity that has been taking up most of my time are repairs to our porch floor. Our home was built in 1903 and has a lovely 700 sq' wooden porch. About 20 years ago I replaced the wooden pillars with aluminum ones and put down new floorboards. Last summer I noticed excessive bounce in some areas. A few weeks ago, I crawled underneath to determine the problem, hoping for a quick-fix. I reached along the top of a floor joist and my hand came away full of sawdust.

For the past few weeks I've been tearing up floorboards, replacing and improving the substructure of a large area of the porch, recycling/replacing the floorboards, all the time ensuring that the roof didn't come crashing down, and painting the floor. I finished yesterday - with 3 days to spare!

Here's part of the porch as a work in progress:

Here's how the same part of the porch looks today:

Now on to closing the pool, tilling up most of the garden, cutting the grass and making a lot of phone calls to help our time away go smoothly.

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