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About reading material

Hot tip! If you rent Chez Westfield, leave your paperbacks at home. There is a wonderful selection of books here to read. Instead of the somewhat typical (for us) jumble of "leave behinds", there is a great collection of France-related titles including for example:
My Life in France by Julia Child,
On Rue Tatin by Susan Herrmann Loomis,
A Farmhouse in Provence by Mary Roblee Henry,
Words in a French Life by Kristin Espinasse.
And several titles by Peter Mayle, a couple by Carol Drinkwater, lots of coffee table picture books, several hard cover novels and a shelf of cookbooks in the kitchen.


Even if you think you've read just about everything, you're almost certain to find something of interest. I'm reading one of the France memoir titles and I've also finished a "this is my life" book by a son of Brendan Gill, well-known estwhile editor of The New Yorker magazine. It's about how this son of privilege, tossed out on his ear by corporate America in his early 50's, maker of some bad decisions, finds renewal and a kind of redemption a decade later in another branch of coprorate America by working behind the counter at Starbucks. Odd book.

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barb Westfield:

What an amazing blog. I am laughing, smiling, wistful for not being there, but most of all quite impressed by your writing.

And that house ;-))
moi, j'attends pour la prochaine installment!

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