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Do you have anything to declare?

What did my wife and I bring back from France in June 2009?

From Paris
- 2010 French Impressionist calendar purchased at the Musée d'Orsay
- a jar of Moutarde Violette de Brive

From Bonnieux
- two pieces of pottery

From Lourmarin
- some clothing (wife, daughter, son's girlfriend), a belt (daughter's boyfriend), pumice stone, a piece of jewelry, and a jar of Camargue Fleur de Sel

From Coustellet
- several bars of soap and two jars of tapenade noire
- shopping basket from our first visit. I now have 3. I know our companions thought it was a bit odd for me to be making this purchase. But we returned to the market at Coustellet our 2nd Sunday, partially so two of our group could make a basket purchase from the same vendor. They were the best made baskets they saw.

From Roussillon
- one signed print of a field of lavender and a piece of jewelry

From Gordes
- one cork purse and one canvas bag

From Mont Ventoux
- a t-shirt and water bottle for Steve, our cyclist son
- a t-shirt for John, our cyclist son-in-law

From Avignon
- three small watercolours of a sunflower, a poppy and sprig of lavender. Our small dining room has only artwork and photos from our travels on the walls. These paintings, framed together, will make a very nice addition.

From Chateau Val Joanis
- one bottle of olive oil

From various places
- items of clothing for our grandson - see example below
- several fridge magnets. OK, so I collect fridge magnets. You got a problem with that?
- five Michelin maps - #329, 337, 341, 345, 525 - to help plan future trips. I looked at buying these maps online before we left. But the prices, including shipping, were quite high. And then there they were sitting on racks in Aix and Apt. We will almost certainly not be returning to the Luberon in 2010. This was our 3rd trip based in the area in 5 years and we even drove down a couple of days when were were in the Drôme last year. But, if you haven't been to this area of France, I would urge you to consider it.
- five bottles of wine - 2 from Chateau Turcan, 1 each from Chateau la Canorgue and two different domaines in Chateauneuf du Pape.
- lots of photos and great memories.


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