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To Market, To Market

Breakfast on the patio with expresso, drip coffee, yoghurt, cereal and six croissants from the boulangerie next door - and a warm greeting from Ladys (corrected spelling from yesterday)

Off to Coustellet, a bit after 9:00am - through Lourmarin, up to and away from Bonnieux - arriving shortly after 10:00am - to buy supplies for this evening's dinner and beyond. I like the market at Coustellet a lot - fresh market food, most of it directly from the producer. Purchases included 2 poulets fermier, cerises, a variety of saucissons, fresh veggies and potatoes, and a personal favourite -tapenade - both verte and noire. I also purchased a straw bag - my third in the same number of visits from the same seller - nice guy. I am still using the first one I purchased back in 2005, but I figure you can never have too many good shopping bags. Am I right or am I right? Would someone please explain to BW? I have been cut off. I know the same vendor is over at Nyons later in the week - don't think we'll make it there - might have to sneak another purchase next Sunday in Coustellet - then give it to one of my "lady friends" to smuggle home to Canada - figure I can sneak it into the house when BW is out.

At 11:30am over to the well-known Sunday market at L'Isle sur la Sorge. Some "experts" say it's a must to arrive early to get parking. My take is a bit different - arrive around noon and you might have a 5-minute walk to the market - but, so what? Prices at L'Isle sur la Sorge are noticeably higher than at Coustellet - my take is about 50% - but I don't know the economics of the two markets. Bought some picodons.

Backtracked from L'Isle sur la Sorge, ending up at Lacoste and a very refreshing pause at Bar de l'Europe, with great views over the valley to Bonnieux and a walk up the village to the remains of the chateau of the Marquis de Sade.

Home to Chez Westfield - aka Chez Barbara - in Ansouis by 4:00pm, to much acclaim from all concerned. Dinner included fresh asparagus soup, salad, chicken, and a variety of cheeses - accompanied by an adequate supply of wine.

Life is good.

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Laura :

If you are in Nyons, and one of your women friends love lavendar products, there is a vender there who sells divine lavendar lotions and potions! They also sell at La Distillerie Bleu Provence in Nyons. Maybe that'll get you some time to snag another bag!!


Sounds like a perfect June day in the Luberon. I agree - you can never have too many good shopping bags. :)

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