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Roast Chicken with Lemon

Very easy preparation; very satisfactory result. A chicken, two lemons some salt & pepper and a hot oven. I mentioned this recipe to a friend. It has been a family favourite for many years, but she had never heard of Marcella. Perhaps this recipe, or quite similar ones, are quite well known. There was only one variation between my friend's preparation and Marcella's instructions. So it goes. (The last sentence is a literary reference. Anybody recognize it?)


An early direction has the bird breast-down in the pan. Then the chicken is turned over with the the encouragement to try not to puncture the skin. Unfortunately I was not able to accomplish this skill, so I didn't get to see the chicken swell up like a balloon. Too bad, but it didn't effect which was very good.

Another miscue on my part relates to the size of the lemons. They were too big for the cavity of the chicken. Next time I'll use smaller lemons.

Not much to add. Hey, you stick a couple of lemons inside a chicken and put it in the over. Pretty simple and very good result.

What I liked about this recipe:

What's not to like? A very simple and rewarding way to prepare a chicken.

What I didn't like about this recipe:

Nothing. I'll work on my bird-turning technique - gotta see the "balloon" effect.

Would I make it again?


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