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The Conscience of a Liberal

I'm reading Paul Krugman's book. It is easy reading and helps answer a question that has perplexed me for some time. Why do so many Americans vote for a political party (Republican) that is not in their best interests to support?

For much of my life I didn't think there was much difference between Americans and Canadians. I admired America for its entrepreneurial spirit and position in the world as a superpower.

American politics seemed familiar when I was growing up, but no more. It is difficult to understand the political importance of irrelevant cultural and religious issues at the expense of economic and social problems, the denial of such obvious truths as climate change and evolution, the overwhelming control of corporations and many other oddities of the current American political system.

Krugman's book is a guide to explaining how American politics evolved. It is not uplifting, but it is instructive.


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