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Veal Scaloppine in Parchment with Asparagus and Fontina Cheese

Well, now I can say I've peeled stalks of asparagus - never done that before. In fact I didn't know anybody did that, but there it is, direction #1:

1. Trim the asparagus spears, peel the stalks, and cook the asparagus as described on page 466."

One of the features of a lot of these recipes is Marcella's detailed directions on how to perform specific tasks - so it's not uncommon to be flipping forward or back in the cookbook to learn a technique that she initially covered with another recipe or as part of a general introduction to a chapter.

The ingredients, including some Marsala wine partly hidden behind the pepper grinder. I like quaffing most wine, but Marsala is an exception. I use it only for cooking.


This recipe took longer than I first assumed..... Oh, you mean I have to cook the asparagus first; then sauté the scaloppine before combining the two in a parchment-lined dish, covering with slices of Fontina cheese and sauce from the sauté pan; then baking the dish in the oven. Guess I didn't read the directions very carefully the first time.

Almost ready to go into the over:


The only difficult part of the directions to follow relates to the parchment paper. Marcella provides an option to use aluminum foil, but since I had the parchment paper, I went with that. However, the directions called for two sheets of paper crimped to provide a tight seal for the scaloppine before baking. I had difficulty getting a tight seal. Aluminum foil would likely be much easier to create the seal and it's what I will use next time.

The final result:


What I liked about this recipe:

Almost everything. Great result.
What I didn't I like about this recipe:

Preparation time a bit long & a bit picky (peeling asparagus stalks?) for me, but no real issues.

Would I make it again?

Yes - well, actually I already have. We served it to some friends a couple of weeks after I first prepared it. It was a big hit.

Want a recipe that's sure to impress? Try this one.

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