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Lamb Stew with Vinegar and Green Beans

When my vegetable garden was in full production a few months ago, I looked ahead at the recipes for which I was responsible and prepared some well ahead of time if I could use just-picked produce a few steps from my kitchen door. Somehow I missed this recipe. I suppose I paid more attention to the main ingredient - lamb - and not much to the green bean component; or perhaps it was one of those recipes that I assumed I would get around to - but never did. Either way, I ended up in the position of having to purchase some vegetables in November that I would have tossed on my compost pile in July. Ah well, nobody ever said that living in Canada is an unalloyed joy.

My personal issue with this recipe is the main ingredient. We live across the road from a dairy farm, but our nearest neighbours are actually a flock of sheep, living in a blue barn just over the fence. Each spring I enjoy seeing the new lambs taking their first steps outside, not venturing far from the ewe. I have taken our children, and now our grandchild, over to see the new lambs for over 30 years. I always know when the lambs have been taken away to be processed from the plaintive bleating of the barn full of ewes. Lamb is never high on my list of food options.

Ingredients pictured below - green beans, olive oil, lamb shoulder, onion, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar. The lamb shoulder is cut into 2 " cubes.


Cooking time is over 1 1/2 hours until the meat is very tender, with everything in the same pot. Pretty simple.


The final result shown below. I must admit that this dish did not conform to my preconceptions of a "stew" - you know, like a beef stew with a mix of vegetables including potatoes and carrots swimming in a thick liquid.


What I liked about this recipe:

It expanded my idea of what constitutes a stew. Also, pretty easy preparation.

What I didn't I like about this recipe:

I'm not a big fan of lamb.

Would I make it again?

Well, one member of our family liked the lamb stew a lot - see below. I might make it again, but only if he's around.


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