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Tuscan Meat Roll with White Wine and Porcini Mushrooms

My wife and I spent two weeks in Tuscany in May 2004, based at Villa Nottola, just down the hill from Montepulciano. The weather was terrible - not much Tuscan sun - but we had a great time. My Trip Report of our time in Tuscany - Tuscan Rambles - led to my first pick in the 2006 Slow Travel contest. I chose a week - which we extended to twelve days - in an apartment in Rome, which we took in September 2007. We were able to invite our two sons to accompany us to Rome - our two daughters were otherwise engaged. We treasure our time in Italy with our two sons - Roman Holiday.
So we have fond memories of our time in Tuscany, despite the poor weather. Another reason for our pleasant recollections is the food we enjoyed. We had several very good meals, including three at the well-known Trattoria Latte di Luna in Pienza. Much of the food we enjoyed was in the style of cucina povera . While Marcella does not make the connection, I am pretty sure that this recipe is in the same tradition.

Wow! - a lot of ingredients in this recipe. Bread, milk, ground beef, onion, salt, pepper, prosciutto,parmigiano-reggiano cheese, garlic, egg yolk, bread crumbs, butter, vegetable oil, white wine, porcini mushrooms, plum tomatoes. See below.


Most of the ingredients are mixed with the meat, which is then shaped into a salami-like roll about 2 1/2" thick, then rolled in the bread crumbs & cooked in an oval pot for about an hour along with the tomatoes and water from soaking the porcini mushrooms. I should have taken a photo of this step but I forgot. Sorry about that guys.

OK, if you haven't figured this out already, this dish is basically a meat loaf with a tomato sauce. Final result below.


What I liked about this recipe:

Well, what's not to like? Aside from the procini mushrooms, everything was close at hand. No problems.

What I didn't I like about this recipe:

The directions called for me to flip the meat roll several times in the pan. I had some difficulty at first, but my technique improved with practice.

Would I make it again?

Hey, why not? Inexpensive dish to prepare with excellent results. Great meat loaf! I'll likely make it many times.

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