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Blogger's "Dream"

So I am halfway - well a little over halfway through the "Blog Everyday Month". I am running out of ideas... so I have been thinking about what to post in the last half of the month. I am forcing myself to be more observant of what's around me .. who knows they maybe post op. :)

So last night I went to bed thinking about possible post topics....

During my sleep I was full with seemingly good ideas... Then I woke up!

Here were the good ideas... seemingly good ideas....

1. I saw this huge tree around the corner from my house where hundreds of monkeys just migrated into... They were frocliking all over the branches. I just needed to get my camera and shoot some action pictures.... So I went home to search for the camera....

2. I was back at home, looking for my camera. Then Dave Letterman came into my home! I asked him to stay a while until I find my camera and he obliged! I was telling him that he will be my next blog topic... How about that? Dave Letterman in my own home!

Then I woke up... realizing... there is no huge tree around the corner.... let alone monkeys! Dave Letterman was nowhere to be found!

So I am still without much of a blog topic! That may not have been a dream but rather a blogger's nightmare!!!

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I have wild dreams now and then, but I don't think I have had a dream about blogging yet. Meeting David Letterman must have been fun :)

I am giving you the letter E. I figured a vowel would be easier than the consonants left :)

Gosh, this is hilarious. Well, your subconscious did give you a great blog topic! I haven't dreamed about blogging per se, but I have had a few dreams where I've had a camera and I think something like, "take a photo for the blog." Funny!

I wonder if the monkeys appeared in a "Stupid Pet Tricks" episode of Letterman?


I'm with Annie, this is a hilarious entry Eden!!! Thanks for the big laugh and keep up the great blogging! :)


Very imaginative Eden -- and you got a blog topic from your dream!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your letter E!

Barb Cabot:

Eden, So-oo funny. I think dreams are so interesting. I wish I could be as inventive in my waking state. David Letterman...ha ha ha really funny and a good blog post.


I am also concerned about running out of topics, but I could perhaps borrow one of your dreams?


Girasoli, Wow, that E was challenging! In my dream David Letterman was so agreeable... waiting for me to find my camera... LOL.

Anne and Annie, it was not very hilarious when I woke up and found out that Dave Letterman was not there!

Sandra, I think a picture of me and David Letterman would have been a great post! Never mind those monkeys...

Marcia and Barb, I wish I had more interesting blog topics... only my obssesive nature (OCD?) would prevail and bloggin even dominates my subconcious!

How sad is that?

Hilarious! I am feeling a little stressed about it too, you are not the only one!

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