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The Search for Blood Oranges

About a week or so ago, Jerry and Palma both featured some recipes using blood oranges. Having never used blood oranges before, I was wondering where to shop for some. Palma said she found hers at the Albertsons. So the OCD in me ran to Albertsons and looked for some... none to be found. I was wondering if I needed to go to the Whole Paycheck way (Whole Foods, to most). :)

Then my daughter found some at Safeway. Even my daughter started to be on the lookout for some. I think she did, so I would stop talking about these Blood(y) Oranges and she won't have to hear it. LOL. She found some at our local Safeway.


Inspired by Jerry's Arugula and Blood Oranges Salad, I decided to add some in a salad that I was taking to my son's housewarming party. So at first I segmented one... That takes a lot of work! So I sliced them unpeeled then peeled them. That was a lot easier that segmenting them.


My daughter assembled this pretty salad.


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That salad is gorgeous!

Yum! I love blood oranges! First time I ate one was in Sicily. It was so juicy and sweet. I'll have to check Jerry's recipe.

Barb Cabot:

Oooh Eden, You found them. This salad looks so good. I want to try it too but have to wait til time permits. Great detective work.


That really is a pretty salad.


Wow, what beautiful colors ! What's the yellow that looks like raspberry ?

YUM - looks good. Segmenting is a lot of work isn't it? I did some tonight for an orange beef stir fry. It is even worse if the orange is really juicy!

That looks yummy, Eden.

Wow, Eden! That is such a colorful and beautiful salad. You could frame that picture and hang it on your kitchen wall as a design element.


Thank you everyone for visiting and leaving comments. I love comments. :)

Ann and Marcia, I hated tossing the salad that my daughter put together because I also thought it was very pretty.... and it would not look so pretty when tossed. :)

Deborah, I may take you up on that suggestion. I might go and get the picture enlarged and framed. I had to go back to check the picture in its full resolution.

Maria, I was expecting the blood oranges to be really sweet (as Jerry's in his post), but it was somewhat sweet and tangy which I liked in the salad.

Barb, I am glad that I found them too. It was fun looking aka feeding my OCD. LOL.

Jerry, no kidding. Segmenting the oranges was the more time consuming part of the preparation. But you sure inspired me to hunt for the blood oranges. I want to see that stir fry. I love stir fry dishes.

Candi, I did like all the things my daughter put in that salad.

Speaking of things in the salad, Fe, yes we found red and yellow raspberries at the local Safeway... and they were on sale. :)

Thanks again, everyone!


Eden, that salad is gorgeous. I never had blood oranges, but I am going to look for some!


I really need to find some blood oranges! Your salad looks so good!


Sheri and Nancy, I was surprised to find blood oranges at my local Safeway!

That salad looks divine! I wish I was eating it right now. I love the idea of the addition of the raspberries.


Eden, the salad is beautiful!! I wondered where I could find the blood oranges,too but forgot to look. Now I'm motivated.


That is beautiful, Eden! Love the photos. Glad you found in blood oranges!


Cindy, it was a surprise to see the yellow raspberries... it added more tangy taste to the salad.

Jane, I was suprised to see the blood oranges at my regular Safeway store after looking at some others... (Albertsons and TJ) without much luck. Try it, it taste great in the salad.

Palma, you and Jerry inspired me. Thank you.

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