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May 5, 2009

#2 - Judy's Black Bean Cinco de Mayo Salad


Black Bean Salad

2 cups dried black beans

Cover dry beans with 2 inches of water, and allow to soak overnight; drain soaking liquid, cover with fresh water, bring to boil, reduce heat to simmer and cook (1 – 2 hrs) until beans are tender. Do NOT salt the water – it can cause the beans to toughen. Rinse and drain beans well, to get rid of all the black/grey liquid, which can discolor the salad.

Note – if you prefer, you can substitute 4 – 16. oz cans of cooked black beans; just rinse and drain thoroughly as above.

While beans are cooking, also cook

1 – ½ to 2 cups long grain rice, brown rice, or an "8 grain" mixture of rice/grain that you can get from some stores, following package directions..

Cool beans and drain.

Dice some combination of the following:-- try to dice all veggetables uniformly to a size similar to the size of the black beans for best appearance:

Red onions (maybe 1 whole one)
Garlic, minced or crushed (up to 12 cloves more or less)
Bell peppers. I like to use 3 colors to brighten up the salad.
Jalapeno - 2 or 3 depending on heat you like, minced
Corn, canned, frozen or fresh as you like maybe a cup or so (suggestion – use the roasted corn from Trader Joe’s for an extra layer of flavor).
Optional addition --green beans or zucchini

Toss all ingredients together and season with salt and pepper.

Then add Cumin-lime vinaigrette:
Olive oil (about 1/2 cup)
lime zest
lime juice (about 1/4 cup)
salt & pepper
1 teaspoon or so of mustard
garlic (maybe 6 or so cloves)
cumin and or chili powder (1-2 teaspoons to taste)
adjust these ingredients as needed to balance the flavors.
Optional: stir in fresh chopped cilantro.

Garnish with cilantro.

I went the lazy way and used canned beans from Trader Joes.


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May 14, 2009

Mother's Day celebrations

There is an advantage to having multiple children... well, not as many as the octomom's but my three... :) I had multiple Mother's Day celebrations.

My oldest son and his family hosted brunch... My daughter and I went and enjoyed yummy food... but sadly I forgot my camera so no food pictures from there ... :(

When I got home, I took pictures of my presents... in addition to brunch I got these from Shawn and family.


My daughter gave me a framed picture of the grandbabies.


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May 16, 2009

Hawaii Here We Come

My entire family decided to go on a family get away - well, Hawaiian Airlines had a really good sale so the clan booked their flights... I was wavering on this... work committments, etc...

But eventually I caved and had to pay more than the rest of the family did. But here we are... Mike, the youngest will arrive tomorrow... and we really are all going to be here.

First group to leave... My oldest Shawn and his family along with my daughter, Tracey, (the tall one in the pic).


When I arrived the following day, I looked for the family at the hotel. They were at the pool and here is my welcome. I think he was trying to give me the "Hang Loose" sign... :)


Fun days ahead....

PhotoHunt - Painted


I met up with an old (not by age) friend, Cindy, and we decided to have a "painting" kind of day. :)


Cindy was a vice principal at my kids' elementary school in the Bay Area before she moved back home to Hawaii. She was one YOUNG VP then. We have remained great friends and we keep in touch. So naturally we got together on this visit... and got painted.


My daugther came with us.


Beautiful painted results.... Cindy in gold, My daughter, Tracey, in red and guess which one I am.... LOL... I think my kindergarteners will love my Hawaii painted toes....


May 29, 2009

Warm Alohas

this is a very out of date post. I can't seem to get myself together after a few days in Hawaii... Is this a carry over of island paralysis???

I crashed (well, almost) a GTG that Susan (Girasoli) and Candi were planning. I sort of invited myself as I wanted to meet them both. They welcomed me with warm alohas anyway.


Susan made reservations at an Egyptian / Mediterranian restaurant near Waikiki. Great choice! Food was good and there was entertainment to add to the ambiance.


(food blog next post)

There was entertainment. The co-owner of the place provided entertainment and offered to take our pictures. Is that good service or what? ")


Belly dancing with sword balanced on her head. She invited Candi's husband to dance with her but he declined. :)

Second show.


A very nice evening, meeting new friends, and saying goodbye to Candi who left for Asia early the next morning.

May 30, 2009

PhotoHunt - Books


Working in a school, I thought this should not be too difficult for me. Perhaps a picture of the library and the terrific librarian whose job is going to be cut next year due to the budget crisis! (ARRGG)....

Or these ... These are my recent acquisition. Why two books? I usually give away books that I love so others may enjoy them too... or even ones I do not strong feelings for. :)

But this one, I really enjoyed and plan to take my copy with me on my next visit to Paris so I can find some of the things David wrote about.... like the sinfully thick chocolate at that dive on the 5th! So I thought, if I am to share, I better order some other copy to give forward.


As the say in the kids' show Reading Rainbow, "Get a copy for yourself, read it, you'll enjoy it!"

May 31, 2009

Food at the Pyramids

No, not food in Egypt, rather ... Pyramids Restaurant in Honolulu.

I just got done reading David Lebovitz' link on photographing food - hmm - annoyance to some... LOL

Instead of shying away from it, I decided (shamelessly) to post some of the photos I took when we had the mini GTG in Honolulu...

We started with these appetizers - hummus and falafel.... great with the flat bread.



My dinner was rotisserie chicken. The rice was presented in pyramid fashion.... cute


At least, I only took pictures of my dinner. Hopefully the annoyance was at a minimum... I did not ask my dinner companions to hold off on eating before I could take pictures of their dinner choices... LOL

Food was great. Susan made a good choice on the restaurant selection. The place was packed, so it maybe a local favorite too.... Thank you, Susan.

Fajita Salad with Creamy Cilantro-Lime Sauce


Kim shared this salad recipe with our group... complete with nutritional info. Check it out.


Tracey and I made this for dinner. I must admit, it was mostly Tracey who did it. She even did the shopping for all the ingredients. She grilled the chicken breasts as well... Look for the recipe after the photo....


I forgot to add the olives... found them as I was cleaning the counter... Forgot to add the cheese prior to the photo, but added it to our salad plates. This salad is delicious!!!

This is a keeper. I will make this again this summer. Try it... recipe on the next page.

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