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PhotoHunt - Books


Working in a school, I thought this should not be too difficult for me. Perhaps a picture of the library and the terrific librarian whose job is going to be cut next year due to the budget crisis! (ARRGG)....

Or these ... These are my recent acquisition. Why two books? I usually give away books that I love so others may enjoy them too... or even ones I do not strong feelings for. :)

But this one, I really enjoyed and plan to take my copy with me on my next visit to Paris so I can find some of the things David wrote about.... like the sinfully thick chocolate at that dive on the 5th! So I thought, if I am to share, I better order some other copy to give forward.


As the say in the kids' show Reading Rainbow, "Get a copy for yourself, read it, you'll enjoy it!"

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Thanks for the recommendation - this one is going on my "want to read" list.

What a great tradition...buy two and give one away! I hope your friends give you lots of good books in return!

"Delicious adventures" in Paris sounds like a plan to me. And I'm bummed to hear that librarian jobs are being cut...I agree with your "ARGGGH."

That is a neat idea, buy one to keep and one to share. I hope things turn around so librarians don't get cut -- I'm going back to school to become a librarian!

I think that's funny we posted the same book. I loved this book-he's got such humor. I have never been to Paris, and it would be so much fun to try to find some of the places he mentions.


That does look like a good book to have.

And good idea about taking it to Paris with you.

I played, too.
/retired JK teacher, I posted a photo of the book I wrote!

Our foodies book group wanted this for the June book. But I vetoed. I won't be here for that one and I don't want to miss the discussion. So we're doing it in August, instead.


What a great idea.. we might get some really good recommendations of books this week. Sometimes at the library it feels as if there are so many to choose from and so little time, I want to make the right choice ... what to do, what to do.

Mine is up here.

Looks like my kind of book--it's on my reading list now. thanks!

I'm going to have to add this book to my 'list'! It looks like it will be great fun - like most things David writes (even cookbooks!)

We are very fortunate to keep our librarian although some schools are losing theirs. I will have to keep this book in mind if I ever return to Paris.

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