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Breakfast in Bed

No, this does not qualify as gourmet, not even cheap gourmet. It is so against the Slow Food movement.... but in one big weak moment -

Malasadas from Leonards.... Hey, it's famous! :)


Taro pie from you know where.... Hey, it's somewhat exotic --- taro is one of the ingredients... ok, way down there after sugar and other preservatives (perhaps - because I could not pronounce them!)


(This is why I could never qualify writing a Food Blog... thought to self.) Photos all taken on my Sheraton bed... And my son gave me the idea for this post. LOL...

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They really have taro pies at Mickey D's in Hawaii?! Funny post!


Fabulous use of the Sheraton bed I must say, and who would have guessed taro pie would show up at you know where, well, not me.


Yes, Annie and Marcia, Taro pies were my great finds on this trip!


Those masaladas look really good, are they like doughnuts?

I wouldn't make it as a food blogger either...I had peanut butter and banana sandwich for supper! How un-exotic is that?! :)


Anne, Banana and peanut butter sandwich... actually sounds great to me.

Yes, malasadas almost taste like doughnuts... fried dough stuffed with some custardy filling... the mango filling was delish. :)

I love malasadas...although the original and most famous malasadas are not filled with anything. I used to live near Leonard's. That was not a good thing ;)

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