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Happy Birthday, Mikey

My grandson, Mikey, is 2 years old today. He used to be Baby Mikey until younger brother, Liam, joined the family. Mikey had his first of a series of 2nd birthday celebration last Saturday. The party had a Yo Gabba Gabba theme. (He loves that show... I did not even know what that was until Mikey took a liking, no loving to it!)

Mikey's Saturday in pictures:





After a quick wardrobe change (due to chocolate) ... he decided it was nap time... Good thing most of his guests had left already. :)


It did not matter where. Naptime was going to happen... on the floor until Grandma moved him to a bed.


Exhausted... unitl the next party comes along!

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Barb Cabot:

That is a hilarious theme. I can't keep up with all the newest kids tv shows and films since I have no little ones around. The party looks like it was a big hit. Mikey is such a lucky little fellow. Such a cutie in your wonderful family. Life is full of blessing isn't it Eden.


Eden, Mikey is sooooo cute. Looks like it was a fun party!


So cute!


Oh my heavens, he is SO adorable! I love that photo of him asleep on the rug, too cute. And then his gorgeously peaceful face at the last. There is something so wonderful about a sleeping child's face, it just makes your heart swell, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing this day with us, Eden :)

Soo cute - a picture (napping) to be cherished...menehune

Awesome post! My niece is 4 and she loves yo gabba gabba!

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