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Phew, so much for the boxes, tapes, labels, etc...

I did not realize that packing up a classroom was really stressful. I am finally done with all the boxes, tapes, labels, etc. In the process my classroom looked like a crime scene with signs of struggle!


I started out sorting, throwing out, weeding so to speak, and ambitiously organizing all that I have accumulated. I had one day to pack everything - one day from the last day of school. Moving day was to come faster than my packing speed! I simply could not do all the packing - singlehandedly - in one day, so I was glad when the movers were a day late.

I started labeling in the beginning, but when "tired" sat in I did not want to organize so I just dumped stuff into packing boxes.... My colleague reminded me to label all the boxes.... I told him that I was no longer doing that because I was too embarrassed to label the boxes "CRAP"... LOL.


In the end, I had 81 boxes! Yes, 81! I went back to visit the next day. Moving day, my classroom -


Somewhere here are my precious possessions... some of them may fall under the Crap category but they are still precious ... :)


It is done, the boxes are in one of those containers...


I went back to visit my classroom yesterday... There was a Hazmat tent in front of my room. I was restrcited from taking pictures... hmmm, maybe there is asbestos in them floors or what ever they ripped out of the room.... but I am not worrying about them until August... In the meantime, I am planning a trip to Asia... Yeah! Oh, and I am teaching summer school to afford the trip to Asia.

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Barb Cabot:

That is a huge job. I remember those days...but you did it so Eden "Happy Summer Vacation". Even if you are working summer school it's still Summer! Yay!

Yay,Eden, I can't wait to hear about your trip, and Happy Summer to you.


You are right! Don't worry about those boxes until fall! They will still be there - crap and all!


Good job, my friend, 81 boxes...wow ! !

Yes, as a retired teacher, this is very familiar! Enjoy your summer and trip to Asia.


Oh my, what a job for those last days of school. You must have been exhausted! Agree with the others, forget about it until August. Happy Summer!


"too embarrassed to label the boxes "CRAP"..." buahahahahaha, that cracked me up!

What is the rainbow on the floor in the third photo - a mat? It's very pretty, I want one :o)

Have an awesome summer, Eden, I'm sure the trip planning excitement will keep your spirits up while working through the summer!

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