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PhotoHunt - Advertisement


I went through some photos and was ready to give up on this topic... until I found this. I have to apologize that this is a "rerun", as I posted this a while back...

I thought this was an interesting advertisement of what seems like a "one-stop-shop" in San Francisco...


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Cost-cutting...cost management sounds better. Use up all the space of that tarpaulin. :)

Great choice for this week's theme.
Had no idea you were in Hawaii. Look like you're enjoying yourself...WOW!!

Happy photohunting,
Cindy O
stop by & visit

Welcome back to PH. Nice take for this week. Mine is up, hope you come visit.

Most definitely....a one stop shopping area.

Mine is posted. Kinda lame this week, but I did the best I could. LOL

Happy Saturday. Happy Hunting.

Boy, they do just about everything! "WHAT! No sheep-shearing? What kind of shop is this???"

Mine is up: http://mudpuddle.wordpress.com/2009/06/06/photohunter-advertisement/

Excellent! I took a photo of a sign in someone's yard in rural NC that said "Lawnmower and Computer Repair" but yours is even funnier. Talk about a jack of all trades!


wow. that is a big banner for ads.


this is so common here in manila! all services available!!!! mine's up here

The funniest advertisement of all! A great shot Eden - thanks for the Saturday morning laugh.

That is a good adverts..Nice entry for the theme. My entry is up too.

I guess that's what's called diversifying. Very creative pic for this week's theme.


It does look like they do everything doesn't it. LOL
My hunt is up here.

Love that photo, Eden! I'm trying my best to figure out how facials have anything to do with shoe repair.
Maybe the inside is a family compound with each family member running his/her own little business.

You right - it does seem to be a one-stop shop for services. I wonder how good of job they do providing all those services. Or maybe it is a husband and wife.

Have a great weekend.

I remember this photo from before, I think it is funny they offer all these services. Great photo for the theme.

wow.....you're right...seems you could get everything done in one place. nice take on the theme.

Well, this is a good hunt I'd say!

Mariposa's PhotoHunt

A lot of different services advertised on one sign for one place -- good job!

I've posted two advertisements and hope you'll visit at:

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

I remember when you first posted this photo. I found it funny and interesting the first and second time.

I think this is a great photo for the theme this week.

I just saw this one - agree that this is a fantastic interpretation - so Hawaii, isn't it? menehune

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