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Stalking Waikiki's Matchy-matchy. :)

I saw some couples, people who tried to be "matchy-matchy" in Waikiki. It was later that I thought, 'this would make a great blog topic' :) .... much to the horror of my children as I was trying to be discreet when taking pictures of those in matching gear!


What is it with Aloha shirts that make people want to dress alike? Seriously!


I think the matchy-matchy looked good on children though ....


Why do people go matchy matchy in Hawaii? They really do not do it when they go other places. Tourists do not wear matching striped blue shirts in Paris, do they? Not matching Big Ben T shirts in London. Or even matching rebosos in Mexico... but they sure feel compelled to do so in Hawaii. :) I wonder...

Oh wait, maybe except for this group. LOL


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Great post - really funny! I'll be on the look-out for matchy-matchiness now. :)


OMG - LOL! I have to remember to do this when we're there!

I always wonder the same thing,Eden.Many people go matchy-matchy on Maui too. If you even notice, some of the stores that sell the aloha shirts always match the man and woman model.


Yes, Annie, be on the lookout for the dress-alike phenomenon.

Kim, do you think Chris will go for the matchy matchy in Waikiki or in Maui. I want pictures. LOL.

Candi, you are so right about the stores... they do sell matching Aloha shirts!

Barb Cabot:

So hilarious Eden. I love your Paris Matchy Matchy. I'll be saying that word in my mind alot today. Thanks for the good laugh.


My daughters caution against the "matchy-matchy", maybe because they have pics of them as young girls dressed that way, but seriously, not past the ages of 6 and 3.


What a great blog topic!

And Kim, good luck getting Chris to wear a matching shirt! I want to see that!


That is so funny! My husband made the same observation the last time we were in Hawaii, too. I wish we had thought to take pictures like you. Those green outfits just about sent me over the edge.


Haha, too funny Eden. Thanks for the laugh, I too will have the words "matchy-matchy" in my head for a few days!


Oh no! I'm not going to be matchy-matchy, I'm going to take pictures of them, like you. :D

Very popular tourist thing to do. Not really sure why as it is not a local thing and it is not really done elsewhere like it is done here (except the occasional group dress alike like your Paris shot). I find it quite amusing myself. I wonder if tourists think it is something that is commonly done or it was once promoted as a tourist thing and then just caught on.


The Paris "matchy-matchy" was just donned for the photo. We actually put the shirts on just before and took them off right after.

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