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Izzy's graduation

My grandson, Izzy, graduated from PreSchool. The school had the works, caps, gowns, diploma, pomp, and circumstance.... Which is really good.

My school does not hold kindergarten graduation ceremonies. Graduation, it is said, is for upper grades... secondary education. Our sixth graders have a promotion ceremony, not graduation... So this PreSchool graduation was a treat.

I arrived a bit late and wanted to take a picture of Izzy.... he warned me to not make noise... He follows rules... that is good.


Here are some of his friends. Ladies man.


When the children received thier diplomas, the director told us about the children's heroes, what they want to be when they grow up, etc. Izzy's heroes are Ninjas. (I should have coached him to say Grandma. )


His diploma.


The graduating class performed.


On the wall was his art work. Good looking and talented too.


With one of his teachers.


Friends and family attended the ceremonies.



The graduate!


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Eden what a sweet post. Izzy is precious and looks very proud! My kids had pre-school graduations too. I thought that it was a cute idea!

Barb Cabot:

Eden, Izzy looks very proud and so cute! I love the fancy cap and gowns. My eldest daughter surprised me when she was visiting last month. She had just graduated with her Master's degree and she said, "You know mom of all my graduations, High School, and college the one that meant the most to me and still makes me the happiest is the ceremony we had with paper blue caps with tassles from Kindergarten!" That truly shocked me but made me happy that at our local schools we still do a small ceremony even though many people have often questioned it. Sometimes when I had to help fellow teachers make all those caps I questioned it too but never more.

Brad'll Do It:

Okay, it's really cute, but a kindergarten GRADUATION? For having spent a year in school? I dunno, sounds a little excessive to me. I think one "graduates" after three (junior high and senior high schools) or four (high school, undergraduate degree) years of focused education. Or receiving a degree in something deserves a graduation. Maybe I'm just getting "curmudgeonly" in my advancing years.


I like to think of a preschool graduation as a transition, a notice than one stage of life has ended and a new one will be beginning. Kids do need age-appropriate recognition of big changes.

We do it as the first part of our end-of-school picnic. The kids all wear handmade class T-shirts they've helped make, and first pass under a "bridge" made of parent's hands. They do some Israeli dancing, make their parents join in (my favorite part! LOL) and then get a diploma as the teacher tells of a few special qualities the child has. Then we gorge on cake.

Thank you for sharing these photos -- they and the joy of the children's faces have brightened this Sunday...mahalo!

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