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PhotoHunt - Garbage


Garbage - according to Wikepedia, is waste or an unwanted or undesired material or substance.

This pile which may qualify as garbage by the above definition, This was left in one of my bedrooms that was recently vacated by someone who we won't identify. The former inhabitant of the bedroom did not leave me with information regarding this pile... nor a forwarding address... Do brand new shoes some in boxes ( Bandolinos, Tory Burch, Enzo, etc...), beddings, paper shredder, clothes, suitcases, and many more become garbage when they are of no use to me? Been wondering about that and what to do with them!!!


On the other hand, I wonder why I was left with this to deal with? ... Perhaps that is the more important question!!!

Ok, now that I have vented, I feel better... :)

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My definition: If you left it behind, it is no longer yours; it becomesgarbage to you. Sell it e-bay, donate it to someone who would appreciate it since that person obviously doesn't need it, or see what fits and keep it for yourself.

How rude!!

Great take on the theme. Clutter left behind in someone else's home is definitely garbage!

Have a great weekend!

How rude - vent away! Donate what you can, use what you can, toss the rest!

Well, Eden, if it does not get claimed soon, I would either take it to goodwill or sell the worthy stuff on eBay.

Good luck!

Nice take on the theme!

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