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August 1, 2009

PhotoHunt - Entertainment


My grandson, Mikey, is a walking, breathing entertainment to me. He also can find entertainment in just about anything around him. He is very self -sufficient when it comes to finding something to entertain him.

When we were in Hawaii in May, he found entertainment in and around the hotel. At the hotel lobby, the poles that are placed to make customers wait their turn, was pole dancing implement for him... it was a quiet morning at the hotel.


He entertained himself as well as the girls at the counter. It was a slow day at the Sheraton. :)



I was worried that he will grow up to be one of those kids who can entertain himself and be out of control like the ADHD children that I see in school because he seems to have such a zest for life. But at the Koi pond, it was long and calm moments of pleasure for him just watching the the fish swim around in the pond.


After his brother's graduation ceremonies, he entertained himself by crawling across a few chairs.


Hugging trees at a shopping center. Hope the trees weren't mistaken for fire hydrant (in the past) by passing dogs. :)


He shows excitement in most of the things that entertains him.


He loves life, what is not to love when there are opportunities of entertainment all around you! Maybe it is a middle child syndrome. In any case, I love that about him. Here he seems to say, "Life is wonderful!"


That's my Mikey, Mr. Entertainment himself!


August 4, 2009

Island Hop - Day 1 _ Sarah Palin, Can you see me?

After a rather busy Saturday of three baptisms and a house blessing (will blog later about these), Tracey and I are on our way to Cebu, Philippines. So we start at SFO, leaving the Fremont home Saturday, August 1. We are taking Cathay Pacific Airlines. Our itinerary today is SFO to Hongkong to Cebu City, Philippines. We have a long scheduled layover in HongKong. Mike and Jessie took us to the San Francisco Airport arriving around 9:30 PM.


Our travel agent told us to be at the airport at 10:00 PM for a 12:00 AM flight via Cathay Pacific. We promptly checked in and when Tracey checked the boarding passes, she told me that our flight is leaving 1:20 AM. Bright side of the situation – our layover in HongKong will be shorter. Maybe. Hoping.

Tried to connect to the internet at SFO, but no free wifi; I was not willing to pay the $7.99 daily rate when I only have a two hour wait. What happened to Gavin Newsom’s free wifi campaign?

Finally, after much people watching, we board for our flight to Hongkong. We watch first class and business passengers board before the lowly and common passengers, like us, were asked to queue for boarding. In my next life, I am going to be rich and only fly first class, said she who does not have much leg room in Seat 38 B, next to her daughter on 38C. Cathay Pacific handed out a packet that contained socks, toothbrush, and toothpaste tube to economy passengers. Nice.


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August 6, 2009

Island Hop - Day 2 - HongKong

August 3, 2009 - Ok, I am really just at the airport for now.... HongKong airport.

Island 1 – Hongkong. We arrive at the Hongkong International Airport. We have a 9 hour layover. Yes, 9 hours! There is only a single flight direct to Cebu City from Hongkong and that is not leaving until 4 PM and it is only 7AM now. So Tracey and I wait. We checked with Cathay Pacific to find out about our flight. We have no gate assignment. Too early per the person at the check in counter. We wait.


We shop – window shop. I can’t afford to do any other kind of shopping. If I were a shopping addict, I would think I am at a buyer’s Disneyland. This can easily be one’s “Happiest Shopping Place on Earth”. Seriously, you can go to Chanel, Burberry, Tiffany, and pick yourself up a Prada all during a layover! I window shopped as I have to save my pennies for the Philippines. Besides, I am too beat from the 12 hour flight, judging from this photo.


Actually Tracey and I spent our money elsewhere. We decided to get a lunch at an airport restaurant called Wildfire. Tracey called my attention to the table setting. They had silverware but with a plastic knife place setting. They must worry about passengers taking butter knives on board and be a threat to society. Ok, works for us.


The food was awesome. We ordered a Duck Confit salad and a sampler appetizer. Everything was really good… well except for the smoked salmon which resembled raw to my simplistic taste. I passed on that. I loved the stacked grilled tomato and eggplant topped with mozzarella, basil, and tomato. I want to recreate this at home.


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August 11, 2009

Island Hopping - Cebu, Philippines

I wanted to blog regularly while on vacation but (vacation) fun gets in the way sometimes. :) So I am going to try to post some late entries. This one is 14 days overdue!

August 4, 2009 – The island of Cebu.


A few cousins were there to meet us. Good thing because I would not want to brave the streets of Cebu City and their daredevils called cab drives. We checked in at the local Marriott.


Upon arrival we went to dinner at a restaurant that featured Filipino food - Café Laguna. After a long flight it was great to see family and have my feet planted on Tierra firma and enjoy authentic Filipino food.



First full day in the island of Cebu… Visiting my 88 year-old Mom was the main agenda for this trip. Tracey and I went to see her on the first day. It is wonderful to see her healthy and looking happy. She seemed happy to see us too. She even asked about her other grandchildren, Shawn and Mike. She recognized Tracey. She is looking wonderful and she seems very content here.


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August 21, 2009

An evening get (the cousins) together - Aug. 4th part 2

How can I be this late? This is still on my 2nd evening after arriving in Cebu. Seems so long ago as I am now continuing my (mis)adventures in Hongkong... not really misadventures. I am loving everything about this trip! So here is another installment.

An evening with relatives at Siam…


Today’s highlight was about meeting the cousins, nieces, and nephews for dinner at a Thai restaurant, Siam. The restaurant is owned by one of our cousins. (Did I say I have cousins all over in this island?)


The food delicious, the company WONDERFUL! I am so grateful for a great family. There were lots of laughter. I am so happy to have this get together. Thanks to Arleen, Lyla, and Lani for coordinating the “reunion”. There was a gathering of about 30, great turnout for getting relatives together the day after we arrive. My cousin Arleen is a pastry chef, Cordon Blue grad, made these cakes for the occassion. How lucky can we be!


... and to celebrate summer birthdays!


Mama Inday, my mom, was such a trooper. She arrived at the appointed time and stayed and chatted with the best of them! Catching up with family took us well into the night. Even Mom stayed way after her bedtime!


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PhotoHunt - Ripples


Since I have been on an Island Hopping vacation, I thought I'd post some sea ripples we (Daughter and I) have seen on this get-away. My daughter took the picture of my cousin and I.

In my hometown, Samboan, Cebu, Philippines.... sunset on our first day there ....


Crossing the strong ripply sea from Kowloon to HongKong.


For such a small body of water, I wondered why the sea was pretty ripply. Larger seas in the Philippines were pretty smooth by comparison....

August 25, 2009

Really small town in the Island of Cebu...

August 5, 2009.

We are off to my hometown, Samboan, today. My Mom and her two caretakers are coming along. A van is picking us up from Marriott at 1:00 PM. The photo below is shown with my cousin, Fe - who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and my god daughter, Bem (standing next to my daughter, Tracey).


I started the day by blogging, but I am WAY behind when it comes to posting the entries!!! And it is going to get worse... blogging wise that is. For the next five days, I am not sure what or if there is even any type of internet connection at this town destination. I am sure, however, that my daughter and I will have our fill of swimming, eating, and sunning. There will be lots of sunsets too... I will be parked near some beach. YEAH!


Let me back track. I arrived to some awesome welcome. There are four relatives / families who want to host our stay here. My cousins are asking that we stay with them… Tracey said we each can have our own individual hosts! We just might stay at one different place each night so we do not hurt anyone’s feelings. Could this be something like too much of a good thing?

There are some wonderful views everywhere,,, so whereever we are, it will be great.


We decided to stay at my cousin, Fe’s home. My Mom and her two caretakers are staying with a cousin next door. Talk about some wonderful bed and breakfasts! How did I become so LUCKY!

These and the wonderful sight to wake up to. Retirement calls.

Today we swam, ate, caught up on the town gossip… well not all… as I find out more each day what, who, when, why, and where.

And the sunsets are beatiful too!

Tracey waiting for the sun to set on our first day in Samboan.


Fe and I joined her at the beach-


So we stayed and watched the sun disappear into the horizon. Irresistible.



Perhaps I should not wait three or four years between visits.

August 26, 2009

Re= Introducing Samboan to Tracey

August 6, 2009

My daughter, Tracey, barely remember the town I was born and grew up in. Her last visit (prior to this one) was some 15 years ago. Time to reacquaint...

Samboan is about 150 kilometers from Cebu City. With road conditions, it takes one 3.5 hours to get from the city to Samboan... through some really funky towns.... and delightful sights. :)


I borrowed the two pics from Tracey... some creatures compete with pedestrians trying to cross a road well traveled. :)


Life is simple in Samboan... uncomplicated. No one hurries... My mother says that. That is one of the reasons why she abandoned California residency.

We started many a day in the sea ... swimming and / or snorkeling. Most mornings some little kids are up and early waiting for Tracey to get into the sea . They frolic with her. Happy children with not a care in the world.

The one in the middle, Kikay, really enjoyed visiting Tracey; made gifts for her and collected shells to present to her new friend, Tracey.

Reese and her sister Angel loved swimming early in the day as well.

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