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High School Reunion #1

I graduated from an all-girls-high-school in Cebu, Philippines. It was time for a reunion....so

About a year ago, a few of us (residents of the San Francisco Bay Area) started planning one to happen in San Francisco. We made phone calls, sent emails, and sent snail mail to see if there were former classmates out there who may be interested in coming to San Francisco for a reunion. It seemed like there was great interest so we proceeded to plan.

(photo borrowed from Delia) The organizing team: Connie, Delia, Sarah, Imelda, and my self.

We visited many a hotels, some at Fisherman's Wharf, downtown San Francisco, etc... looking for good deals. We went to lunches in many places to try food and still find good deals.

I had my son, Mike and his friends make us a logo for various reunion souvenirs.


I enjoyed all the planning... and enjoyed the event even more when it actually happened this past weekend... well extended - aka long weekend.

So we gathered at Hotel Des Arts.. .Suite 201, the hospitality suite which also happened to be my "home" for three days.

Here are the happy "gatherers" -

Early arrivals enjoy re-acquainting and eating various dishes including Petit Pois. :) In the photo (for those who were not in attendance, and trying out to figure whose who after so many years) - Dylin, Marinela, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Rose.

Rose, Lagrimas/Ging, Ethilda, and Concep...

Delia, Danita, and Dahlia joined in the group photo... there's more....

Connie and Ichu...

Imelda and I squeezed in there...

Luke and Jun - The patient spouses of Marichu and Dahlia, respectively, who put up with all the noise, giggles, and women talking simultaneously... and still managed to understand what was said!

We were so noisy these hotel guests were curious about the group and stopped by. We invited them to join us for dinner... The younger one did. The couple held out for sushi.

Marichu and hubby Luke were apologizing for the noise a gaggle of women can generate... :)

The mango and ube (purple yam) cake that Sarah made to commemorate the graduation year for the then 14 and 15 year olds... Too young to finish high school - looking back but we did not go through 7th and 8th grade... no junior high in the Philippines then...

More University of San Carlos - Girls' High School graduates will join in later - to be continued...

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What a great turnout you had! It looks like a fun time!

That looks like so much fun. I'm getting together next month with 3 friends from high school. I am so looking forward to it. We will rendez-vous at a condo on Oregon Coast for 5 days.

And btw - you all looks so young!

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