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Picnic in the Redwoods

The Slow Travel Picnic in the Redwoods is an annual event, I missed the first two so I attended my first one last Saturday. What a fun event!


Prior to the event, a group of us were together at a museum and sometime during that day, it was discussed that a roast pig be brought to the picnic. My daughter, Tracey, was really campaigning that a whole roast pig must make an appearance. Ever the indulging Mom, I went looking for a roast pig source in the area. Roast pig or Lechon (Philippine term for it) is a specialty in my home island of Cebu, so I was taking this task as a personal challenge at this point. Can someone say, OCD?


I asked some Filipino friends in and around Fremont for recommendations... A week prior to the event, I made reservations for the smallest lechon to be picked up.

The day before the event, Food Network kept broadcasting Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations show about visiting Cebu, Philippines and feasting on Lechon. The show was repeated a few times during the day as if to torture me... LOL

So Saturday came, and time for me to pick up the lechon. I was hoping that the Slow Travel group will feel the way about lechon as Anthony Bourdain did... I was worried about the vegetarians in the group...

Anita was the master lechon carver.


Here is Judy, the event coordinator "taking care" of the lechon.


I invited my daughter in law, Katrina and the grandsons to attend the picnic. Katrina and Liam


The boys were not too thrilled to see the pig. Mikey kept saying "No, No" when I asked him if he wanted to see the pig. Izzy was more thrilled about dragging a stick around the picnic grounds, and hoping to hit the playground north of the parking lot. :)


Letha was one of the folks who was really "hands-on" at the event.


Pete made a science lesson of the event. :) Who can pass up a teachable moment?


There are learning opportunities in everything,


Tracey and Marcy saved this for another science lesson.


As it turned out, the lechon was a hit. Everyone who was a meat eater loved it.... as evidenced by the aftermath photo. Do not check out the following page if you are a vegetarian... or do not want to see what happens after lechon is enjoyed by "meatatarians":)


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What a fun time! And the lechon was a big part of it, I can see.

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