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New Passport!

Doing the happy dance! I finally received my new passport. It only took 1 and 1/2 weeks!!! Doing the happy dance.


I did not realize that my passport needed to be good for 6 months from my last day in a foriegn country! Yikes!!! My passport was expiring in June and I was scheduled to be in France in April. That is nowhere close to 6 months!!! Panic time! With much nervousness and anxiety I went into renewing the passport mode! Pronto!

To the Post Offie ... long lines that seemed to drag... But to me that was the nearest Passport Office I knew... and I certainly did not want to go to San Francisco to work on this dilemna!

Before I surrendered my old passport, I took pictures of a few of the stamps I got when I entered a country ... over the 10 year life of my passport.... So LIMITED!

Heathrow - London, England ... Charles De Gaulle... Paris, France


The Philippines




Then I sent it off... Expidited a new one....

And here it comes!

I love the graphics on the new passport. Ok, the Visa pages are blank slates so I have a major job to do.... Fill them up!

Isn't this a great page.


One of my favorites!


Now I am ready to explore the world. :)

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Oh, yeah - love those illustrations!
It's tough to say goodbye to the stamps you've collected, but just think of how full your new passport will be in 10 years!


What a great souvenir -- I hope you get the old passport back (and yay to upcoming travels!)


Eden, my passport also expires in June this year. I have all the necessary paperwork and photo; I only need to write a check for $110.00 and take it to the post office! Your post has been a kick in the butt I needed. I have no plans to get to Italy this year, but what if my husband calls and wants me on the first plane (first class of course) to Italy? !!!

Love the illustrations as well! I can feel your excitement! When do you leave for France? Bon Voyage!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Eden, congrats on your new window to the world! I also made a copy of my old passport before sending it off. They returned it later with a hole in it, which I don't mind. It's a great souvenir to have.

Can't wait to read about your new travels using your brand new passport. (I also like the graphics on the new one).

Have a great week.

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