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PhotoHunt - Scoop


Scoop! This was a scoop of coconut sorbet... on top of fried custard... Leche Fritas as the restaurant BocaNova in Jack London Square near Oakland, Ca. calls their dessert item. . The name of the dessert was interesting to all of us so we ordered it... $8. Thinking that we really do not need to be eating dessert, we planned to share the item.


When what came was a surprise to all of us. TINY!!!


Another shot with my thumb to put some perspective on the item. :) The fried custard was about less than an inch cube each. The scoop of sorbet was that of a small melon baller. The four of us had half-a-teaspoon each to taste the delicious treat! :)

Positive spin on this - it is difficult to overeat at most high-end restaurants! :)

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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

It looked great... until the perspective of your thumb.
That's not much of a scoop!

Looks delicious!

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