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Paris - A Moveable Thirst!

I have been trying to revive this blog. I did not even finish blogging about Paris... So here is my attempt at blogging again.

Every club, every bar - a story! :)

No, we did not go on a pub crawl... maybe I or we should have... :)

Indiana Club - When Tracey learned that we were booked at a hotel in Montparnasse, she said that she and her older brother, Shawn, stayed in Montparnasse on their first visit to Paris. (That was so many years back...) Tracey also told us that they used to go to a bar / club with so many American Indian pictures and objects.

I had visions of some Politically Incorrect establishment! I used to run the Native American Studies Program in my school district so I was interested in checking this place out.

Anyway, we got to our hotel and Lo and Behold! The Indiana Club was NEXT DOOR! OMG!!! LOL


We must visit sometime! We did.


After a long day. Where's my drink? :)

Club Coste

Tracey's boss gave us some vacation treats. One of them was this visit! Such a treat! How lucky we are.

Drinks at Club Coste! After touring with Michael, we stopped at Tracey's boss' favorite place for drinks... on his company card! How great is that!

Club Coste ... It is the place to people watch. Not having to pay for our drinks even made the place more special, wouldn't you say? I was reading something about this being the place to people watch esp. during Paris Fashion Week!

I had my Coco Chanel drink ... it was delicious, not really sure what it had but ... hey, I liked it.

Tracey and Katrina had Side Car and French Martini. They pronounced them delicious! They better be at about 27 Euros a pop! Good thing we are not paying...


Hemmingway Bar


Hemingway Bar is at the Ritz in Paris. This is the first time that I have visited the Ritz. It is due to be closed for renovation, so I thought and Michael suggested also that we better go and visit before it closes. I wanted to go to the Hemingway Bar anyway, so off we went. The drinks are more expensive than some of the dinners I have had in Paris. Drinks at 30E - 35E were realy A LOT on a teacher's purse... but I need to be nice to myself and my loved ones every now and then! .... or so I justified the expense. :)

Le Vue: I wanted to check this club out even before we left for Paris. I talked to Tracey about taking Katrina there for her birthday celebration!

Le Vue is on the outskirts of Paris... felt like the outskirts... located on the top floor of Hotel Concorde... Tracey's navigation skills got us there.



Our drinks:


The girls had Rive Gauche - Cosmopolitan - The French Way. I had Taitinger Brut. Yummm, It seemed like I am now getting used to the price of the drinks at these expensive "watering holes"... hmmm, C'est la vie!

Bar La Vue is one beautiful place. Panoramic view of the world - ok, ok, panoramic view of Paris from the bar... A must visit!



Check out the website above. I really like this place. :)

Out there is the Arc de Triomphe... You can see it from the bar windows as well. Check Bar La Vue next time you find yourself in Paris. Better still, take me with you and I will take you there. :)


The girls at La Vue.


The drinks are about the same price as the ones at Club Hemingway... Before we left for Paris, I thought I needed to save up for this night out... But after paying for the drinks at Club Hemingway, I thought ... WTH, you only live once! And it is Katrina's birthday! :)


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Eden! You are my kind of traveler. You and the girls went on a 5-star lounge tour of Paris! Very nice ... making a note of these places for my next visit.


So maybe I wouldn't have been able to afford Paris, even with a free hotel room if you had planned on taking me to those bars. I don't think I've ever had a drink as expensive as those! I'm cheap. I must just always just order the house wine in Paris.

Looks lovely and fun. Even though my recent Paris experience never got beyond the airport it was enough to convince me that I wanted to return!

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