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It's my Birthday Today.

Yes it is!! My first one in Moldova. The sun is shining brightly and I feel renewed. Thank you all for the very positive comments on my last post. When I read them they really lifted me up. I am feeling better now. Us Volunteers go through such highs and lows. It is a great feeling to know that you guys are out there praying for us and sending us cheerful thoughts. Thank you.

Birthday celebrations here in Moldova are so different from what we are used to. We are used to being treated my friends and family on our special day. Here in Moldova it is the custom for the birthday person to make a masa: that means you buy and cook all the food, and take the celebration to your workplace for your colleagues to enjoy. You do all the work for your birthday. This year, I will not be making a masa. Maybe next year. I really like to celebrate my birthdays the way we celebrate.

I am not doing anything special today because on Saturday I leave for London, England for a week. That is my birthday treat. I will have a little of the life I left back home. I plan to go to the theatre to see Wicked and eat delicious and different kinds of food and generally have fun. That will tide me over until the warm weather gets here and things start to come to life again.

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Happy birthday sweetie I hope you have a great time in London, you deserve it, I wish I was there with you, just like last year we celebrated together. Lots of hugs and kisses.


Belated Happy Birthday, and enjoy your trip!


Enjoy London and have fish and chips for me. I am still studying intensely. I wish I could go with you. Have an awesome time. Love you heaps!! God bless.

Carol D:

Belated Birthday greetings Suzette from the Q.C girls. Hope you had a good one. Stay Strong

I hope you had a great birthday and wonderful time in London.

You should be back from London about now. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.
Happy belated birthday!

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