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Some Realities about being a Peace Corps Volunteer

My dear friend Oriana is getting married tomorrow and I will not be there to share her big day with her. It breaks my heart. Events like this make me realize just how big a sacrifice Peace Corps is. We volunteers give up a lot to come to our host countries to serve. I also wonder if the host country nationals really understand the depth of our commitment to Peace Corps service. We PCVs often talk about food we miss, our favorite TV shows, our favorite things we liked to do at home in America, but when it comes down to it the greatest void is that of family and friends and important events like weddings, births and sometimes the chance to say goodbye to a sick loved one.

I love my friend and I wish her and her new husband-to-be all the goodness that life has to offer, I wish them lasting love and happiness, I wish them a healthy family.

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Thanks for the thoughtful post Suzanne. JG

Sukhi :

Wishing you Oriana all the happiness and joy the day has to offer. May you have a loving,honest and blissful marriage.

Remember Suzette you are there in spirit and her heart on her very special day!!!


Congrats to Oriana!!
It breaks my heart that you will miss my wedding in November as well.
Miss you!!

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