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Ups and Downs

Any PCV will tell you that we all have these: ups and downs. When we experience the "ups" it's a beautiful thing. We can conquer the world and are ready for any challenge that our service brings us. We smile and laugh and dance and sing. I enjoy the "ups" very much. A huge part of the "ups" is the ability to communicate and connect with friends and family back home. Here in Moldova we have great internet access and this makes a world of difference.

The "downs" on the other hand are something else. When we are down, we are very, very down. Nothing seems to go right, we feel disconnected from friends and family back home and miss everyone. We understand that they are busy and have things to do and even though we know this, it still feels like we are much further away than we really are.

I am having a "down" day today. Work is not going great and I feel very disconnected from the people at home that mean the world to me. I am having one of those days when I question why I am here and think of how life would be so much better at home in America, or anywhere else but here for that matter. Obviously, I don't like "down" days, but I understand that they are a part of life where ever I am.

So, here is hoping I can once more get over this hump and connect with friends and family and have an "up" day tomorrow.

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Carol :


Keep you head up! Have faith ! Trust! You will get through it. As my daughter says ... "Nothing is to hard for me if someone els has done it before I can and I will too"

Keep on !!!
From the QC girls in Barbados


Sweetheart just keep holding on to how much you are loved by those of us back home. We are holding you in prayer and sending vibes of encouragement and love. When you are down remember that and the exciting things you have planned for you to do while you are there. God bless!

Love you with all my heart!

Check your email.



Big Hug!! The clock is ticking and you will be back before you know it and longing for the cherries.
"this too shall pass"


Donna Ricketts:

Hey Suzette,

This was sent the the 15th and since today is the 16th here, I hope you're back to having an up day. Hang in there, keep your head up and as my mom would say "nothing lasts forever".

Love, Donna


Suzette, never lose sight of the fact that you have friends who love you and think of you OFTEN! You may be far way but I still feel close to you. Chin up! The end of your assignment abroad is closer than you realize. Much love,

Hang in there. We are all listening and we're here for you. Everyone hits a rough spot at times. Make a list of the positives and celebrate it.

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