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November 23, 2009

Random Kindness from Moldovans

This morning I was on my run when something happened. I ran by a bunica (grandmother) said "buna ziua" and kept going. I met her again as I rounded the track further on. Out of the blue she gave me candy with the biggest smile and asked me where I was from, "America?" "yes" I said, she wished me "o zi buna" a good day and both of us went on our way.

This is just another random act of kindness by shown to me by Moldovans over the last two weeks since I last posted. These acts sparked off a string of "good" days that I have been having here lately. I say that because it is not uncommon for us volunteers to experience several "bad" days in a row. Now is an especially bad time since Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

The first act that sparked my run of good days that I will share was when I went into my usual magazin - store. I greeted Valentina, the clerk and a lady who was there came over and told me how she wanted to meet me ever since she heard that there was a person "of color" and an American in the town. She went on to tell me that she has a daughter who has been living in America for thirty years now married to an American. She was so happy to talk to me and tell me all about her daughter. She kept touching me and my hair with the biggest smile on her face. (This is not to be taken offense at as most Moldovans have never seen a black person in person, also my hair style is quite different to them). She asked me where I was from in America, if I liked Moldova and told me that I spoke Romanian really well. She then asked me what I wanted. I declined anything, because most Moldovans don't have much and I feel bad when they just want to give me things. She insisted and Valentina told me it was okay. So she bought me a yogurt. I thanked her profusely and left. I did not want her to pay for whatever I wanted. I went around the corner and as I was heading back home, she saw me, pointed out her house and invited me over and gave me the biggest hug, all this with the biggest smile on her face.

Her smile was infectious and these acts of kindness to me reminded me of some of the good things about this country. Amid the frustrations, there are reasons to stay. Reasons to give it another day. So, let's hope my string of good days is a long one and even if it isn't I can reflect on them and give it one more day.

Thanksgiving is hard this year. I, along with all the other volunteers out there all over the world miss home like crazy. That's why we have our own version here. On Saturday I will go to Cahul to celebrate with my some of my fellow volunteers, we are a little family and every time we get together we have a great time. I am thankful for them.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

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