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I grew up in Massachusetts and am a passionate passionate Red Sox fan. I am a preschool teacher living in Hawaii. I love taking photos, traveling to Italy, climbing towers, and blogging.

I enjoy the beach, the mountains, the warmth and the beauty of Hawaii. I also enjoy spending time on the internet checking out the latest on the Red Sox, Slow Travel Talk, and reading blogs.

My first trip to Italy was in 1999. The day I stepped on Italian soil, I was hooked! I travel mostly in the summer time because I am a cold weather wimp. While in Italy, I love to climb towers, take photographs, drink espresso every morning, eat fabulous Italian food, meet new people, and work on improving my Italian. I find myself walking much more while in Italy. It is a great way to take in the history, art, architecture, and beautiful scenery.

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"This will be my 8th trip to Italy. " - I am about to take my own 8th trip to Italy wih my 16 year old son, Alessandro.
Your new pic of you in Venice is great. Well done!
Looking at your entry on Bologna - makes me have thoughts about putting our luggage somewhere and taking Alessandro to have a look at Bologna on our way from Modena to Florence. I have been there a couple of times, and my oldest son and I were talking about it last night. He was there with his father six years ago.
Yes, I will look into that today, thank you for inspiring the thought.
Oh, and I may have said so before, but I just LOVE the look of this website. To me, the look of it, the presentation, is so important. When I like the initial look, I just want to continue reading and come back to it more often. This one is so attractive. :)


Thanks so much Leslie! I set up my blog about a week before leaving for Italy and it also was during my last week of school. You know how crazy that can be! I didn't have much time to choose a style for my blog, and so I just chose the purple one since purple is my favorite color. I never really "loved" that style as it didn't fit for my blog. A couple of weeks ago, I spent about 2 hours trying out all the new blog styles. When I stumbled on this one, I knew immediately that it would be perfect.
WOW 8 trips for you too! How exciting to be able to share your love of Italy with your son! Bologna is a beautiful town...and the food!!! YUM! I love that region. My quick stop there this year has inspired me to return to spend more time there on my next trip.

We are just back from Venice - and by pure chance I made pics of Magi's appearance
- I did not know that they were restored as well - and did not realised that they appear only twice a year - otherwise we would stay there for the rest of the day and make poper pictures, but stupidly we assumed that we can do it next day as well
Being Jewish from Russia and living in Scotland, where you know about Xmas because of shopping crowd, I had no clue that it was Epiphany Day. We could miss it all together, which would be real pity, as we are extremely interested in the clock with figures - you will understand why if you visit our website.
I have posted my pics on the
Because of the same ignorance we did not realise that one have to book a tour of the Clock tower in advance. I love your pics - but they are so small! Could you please send us - or post on Flicr - bigger files of the pics you made during your tour
All the best


Sorry, forget to add URL for my pics on Flickr:


How lucky to see the Angel and the three Kings! Thanks for the comment on my pictures. I have intended to post my pictures from this past summer's trip on the Slow Travel (photo page) but have not had a chance yet. This blog only lets me post them at the 450 size of part of the picture gets cut off. I will try to get to it soon. My photos from some of my other trips are there though. I love your Venice photos!!

Aunty P:

Totally amazing, Suze! Really loved your blog. Apologies for taking forever to get here, but it's the first blog I've ever checked out.... surely they're not all this good, are they? I thought they just were loaded with boring personal drivel that went on and on like yadda, yadda, yadda. Spent quite a bunch of time, and checked out a lot of stuffs. Looked through much of your gallery and had to check out Toilets/showers & bidets, of course. You're such a great photographer.. and I always loved your food shots.

Guess I picked a great time to check it out with your centipede story right up front and center. I can just see you and imagine how upsetting it must have been. I haven't seen one for ages, and that's just fine with me.

Will be sure to check in now and then, hana hou!! No wonder you don't have time to join us at FECC.
Aunty P



Wow Obama is your new president!!!
We area really thrilled here in europe, great changes expected!!!

And I believe he will not disappoint us.
so now support your new president!!!




Ciao Girasoli!

I'm an Italian girl living in the province of Modena, I found by chance your blog while I was looking for some pics on Google..

I enjoyed reading your stories!! It's always interesting to know how foreigners see you, your places and your habits.. and I'm really glad you appreciate Italy and Emilia Romagna!!

If you ever need some tips just ask, but as far as I can see you're already a little bit Emiliana :)


Ciao Giulia! Nice to hear from you :) I am glad you are enjoying my blog and I hope I am doing well in representing Emilia Romagna. Thank you so much for your offer. I just might take you up in it and send you an email with some questions.


I am Marias brother, the traveler one, we are 2 more.
Iam amazed about how much interest in the blog is for Italy. Few years ago I went to Italy(one of the many times since my family is from Sicily) and since I am am a fan of opera(Puccini)) i stayed in Lucca to feel the composers heast, WOW what an experience. This town feels like you are 500 years ago. The overall experience was great, Puccini;s birthday was celebrated in the church he was babtized with a concert which I had the oportutiy to be present.
Thaks for these blogging comments, they are interesting.


Hi Miguel,

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I am looking forward to returning to Lucca this summer. How lucky that you were there during Puccini's birthday celebration. That must have been wonderful! thanks again for stopping by!!

kathy (lynch) rhodes:

Hi! was thinking of you and heard about your blog from Alice, love it by the way, great photos...asked Alice for your email but haven't heard back as yet so thought I'd send this....
it has been a looong time since worcester state, but am hoping all is well with you and wishing you a happy/healthy 2010



I am so impressed with the Blog work you did following the Redsox. I too am an avid Sox fan and was lucky to become a Boston Redsox K-Man. I was invited to Join in 2007 and have been posting K's ever since. We follow Lester currently and we would love to have you up on the wall with us for a game. You can post the first K of the game too! So, the next time you find yourself in Boston and the Redsox are in town then please email me. I will give my cell phone number via email if you drop me a note.

Thank you again for all your great Redsox Blog work. I just stumbled upon it today for the first time. It was great looking back....

Ryan Sahr

HI Ryan,

Thanks so much for your kind comments AND for the invite to be a K-man! I am so honored!! If I ever get back to Boston, I will definitely get in touch!!

Kim set up my blog so her name was associated to this blog post. I go by "girasoli" on this blog.

GO SOX!!!!

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